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  • Published June 22, 2011
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Air compressors are usually essential for manufacturing companies to power their pneumatic tools, such as torque drills and air hoses. Other air compressors are used in many other industrial settings, and the amount of compressed air needed will determine how large of an air compressor you are advised to buy.

Mobile compressors are good for short bursts of air or for temporary solutions. Airman makes a good multi-function air compressor for a price that is affordable. For larger settings, such as warehouses and factories, you will probably need something much bigger in order to properly operate your company's tools and equipment. A centrifugal air compressor would be a prime example of a heavy duty compressor that can adequately do the jobs described above.

The most reliable compressors will have an oil-lube pump, while more expensive machines may have an oil-less pump that produces a better quality of air. These, however, are known to wear out faster. Considering you or your company's budget, you should be able to figure out which is best for the amount of money you want to spend, taking into account your needs or the needs of your company's facility.

The mobile models of compressors are ideal for adding air to your tires alongside the road, making your good tires last longer, or providing a temporary fix for a flat tire until you are able to get your car into the shop for a replacement. These tend to have a simple, easy to use interface and an LED indicator light, connecting directly to your car's cigarette outlet for convenient use and charging.

Before investing in any kind of air compressor, comparison shopping to get the best rates on top brands is a solid way to save money and to be sure you get the type of compressor you need. Home improvement experts would tell you that the best air compressor for your money depends on your specific needs for home use, and DIY types are usually good at sorting out the essential components needed to make your next do-it-yourself project a success.

There is nothing particularly complicated about setting up an air compressor once you have one. You simply need to follow the owner's manual, or have an electrician help you with the more technical side of things. This way, you can ensure that it is equipped to power your tools, inflate your tires, or do anything else you ask it to do without any major repairs or broken pieces. The biggest amount you can expect to spend is on electricity to run your compressor, unless it comes equipped with its own generator, as some do. An air compressor will cover an abundance of needs, from industrial applications to home improvement and car maintenance projects. Everyone is advised to keep one on hand in the event that it becomes necessary to use it someday.

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