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  • Author Kathryn Dawson
  • Published June 23, 2011
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The rule in achieving perfect lighting in any home is not to scrimp on areas of the house where it is truly necessary, not only aesthetically but because it is necessary. You do not want to walk around slippery areas of the home where you could possibly meet an accident without ample lighting to guide your way. These areas are usually the stairs, the bathroom and the kitchen.

One of the essential elements most commonly overlooked in achieving the perfect bathroom is bathroom lighting. The bathroom is one of the rooms in a house where lighting simply cannot be sacrificed at all. Of course the main purpose for bathroom lighting is to provide visual aid as you walk across the slippery tiles and the wet floor to avoid unwanted accidents. However, there are far more functions that good bathroom lighting can serve.

Bathroom downlights and ceiling lights are a good source for ambient lighting to provide enough light throughout the span of your bathroom. Recessed bathroom downlights are increasingly becoming very popular in the world of interior design and are regarded as an expensive piece of lighting fixture. The truth is if you know where to look, you can find virtually any kind of lighting fixture for any part of the home at a very reasonable price. Some exquisitely designed lighting fixtures do not need to be recessed because they are supposed to be appreciated. Appropriate downlights and ceiling lights help in making a relaxing bath or shower achieve its purpose. They can also aid in creating a romantic and intimate or relaxing ambience for when you need it.

The area above the sink where the vanity mirror is normally located should also have additional lighting support from mirror bathroom lights or wall lights. It is the mirror that you, most often than not, look at the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. This is also the mirror you look at when you put your make up on or shave that beard or moustache off. This is the reason why it should be the best lighted area more than any other area in your bathroom. You have to be able to see where that mascara smudged accidentally or that one little piece of hair is left on your chin. No woman will be happy to know that her makeup was far too white or far too thick than it looked like while applying it in front of the mirror in a poorly lit bathroom and no man will be happy to nick the side of his chin with a razor blade simply because he could not see well enough.

To put it simply, after getting up from bed, the bathroom is almost always the first room you enter the first thing in the morning before you start your day and even before having breakfast. Having natural lighting entering through the bathroom windows can help set the mood prior to starting your day. You take a reviving shower, have a clean shave or apply makeup and face the world. When you get back, you turn on the bathroom downlights or bathroom ceiling light to help you in having a relaxing shower or bath. Then you are ready to get to bed for a night of rejuvenation. It will always be the same routine every day.

For most people, the bathroom stands as a sanctuary of alone time and is even far more important than the bedroom. That is why having the perfect bathroom lighting for their everyday needs is so crucial to them. Lighting techniques today incorporate functionality, aesthetics, ambience and mood setting as part of the overall design of a home. It is easy to see why. It helps people in terms of improving how they feel about themselves and how they start their daily routine. It plays a big role in improving a person's everyday life and possibly of those around him or her. Decorating is all about prioritising what is important and what matters to you most. You do not need to go all out at once and it need not be expensive. You can always start on the most important areas first.

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