Why Affordable Pine Living Room Furniture Does Not Translate to Cheap Pine Furniture

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  • Author Kathryn Dawson
  • Published June 23, 2011
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They say that bargains are everywhere, but the trick is knowing what not to buy. Often, what seems to be a perfect deal turns out to be a disappointment because the low quality of the item matches the low price. Unsurprisingly then, many still insist on buying solid wood furniture, which never loses its value because of the sheer quality of its manufacture. The problem is that this can be costly, especially for the likes of oak and mahogany. More affordable options, like pine living room furniture, are out there.

Cheap has nothing to do with price, but actually the degree of craftsmanship that has been applied in its manufacture. Poor materials are destined to produce cheap furniture, just as poorly assembled pine is sure to produce cheap pine furniture. What can sometimes be thought of as cheap, such as painted furniture, is not because they have been created to the highest standards.

Pine is far from being the cheaper option when it comes to furniture for any room. It boasts a distinctive character, a refreshing airiness that seems to bring a room out of the home and closer to nature. To house plant lovers, these qualities complement a conservatory perfectly, or perhaps a living room which is enhanced with potted plants and greenery that is designed to serve the inhabitant outdoors.

Alternatively, pine offers crispness in its natural pale yellow hue that can also complement a more contemporary look, providing a sense of brightness and space for the minimalist touch.

Of course, the range of furniture options in solid pine is vast, but amongst the most popular are the robust styles of Midway Pine. These items are quite chunky in their structure, but it is one that clings to the earthiness of nature. The Midway pine coffee table, with two drawers, for example, boasts a sturdy shape and a nut brown finish, complete with shallow drawers beneath a thick solid pine top.

The marriage of contemporary and traditional is perfectly executed with the Midway pine TV unit, which at 1.2 metres in length and 45 cm's in depth is large enough to house a modern home cinema unit. Again, the chunky style of the piece adds a sturdiness which can in turn lend a confidence in its ability to support the valuable equipment resting on it. It also includes two glazed doors behind which can be placed DVD players, games consoles or whatever else is desired, with holes for power cables conveniently provided at the back.

Just like its coffee table cousin, the TV unit can blend into any room style, from contemporary to the traditional or natural look, while the range of effects available on pine wood can add to its compatibility with its environs. One such effect is staining, which can darken the wood to suit the overall room tone as desired by the home owner. However, another option is painted pine, which opens up another realm of possibilities.

You will not be getting cheap furniture when opting for furniture that is painted. There is an obvious attraction in the natural grains of a solid wood piece of furniture but the colours are limited to the natural or stained. However, there is something to be said, aesthetically especially, for an ivory finish or crisp white finish, allowing quality solid wood furniture to be included in rooms of more contemporary designs. The finish can also allow for a selection of alternative handles and knobs to be used, such as stainless steel or chrome, which may not suit the rustic look of natural colours and grain.

The range of possibilities includes the Chateau range of furniture, made of mahogany but modelled on furniture of 18th century France. The style of this painted furniture is highly elegant, enhancing living rooms and hallways with a high class antique look, complete with intricate classic engravings.

At times, it may seem that cheap is the most affordable option, but the fact is that cheap relates to quality than to the price paid. It is not difficult to get cheap pine furniture for next to nothing, but the enduring quality of solid wood furniture means that the piece itself will always have a value.

Since pine comes at a price that does not break the bank, it means that affordable quality pine living room furniture, dining room furniture and kitchen furniture, is never hard to find.

Kathryn Dawson writes about where you can find cheap pine furniture and painted pine living room furniture> online.

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