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  • Published June 23, 2011
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Many Winston Salem residents like flooring that is wood. They also like to behave environmentally friendly when they make purchases, especially large ones. This is part of the reason why cork and bamboo flooring is a popular choice in Winston Salem. Both types of flooring are produced with out killing the plant or the tree. They are sustainable even after their shoots and bark are extracted.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring in Winston Salem comes from the cork oak tree. The tree is not cut down and chopped into sections for wood flooring. Instead, the bark is peeled off the tree. This is done every 10 years. The tree stays healthy and continues to thrive. It lives for at least 500 years. The bark on the tree is designed by nature to continue to develop and protect the tree from many different insects. The cork oak tree is grown in other countries. In Winston Salem, cork flooring is imported from these countries.

Cork contains many little air-field cells. This allows for it to absorb noise. When used as flooring, the cork stays warm. With today's technologies, cork is durable and long lasting. It can be purchased in many different vibrant colors and styles. In Winston Salem, cork flooring can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring comes from a plant. Bamboo is grown in grass forests. They are harvested every five years. The plants do not die after harvesting. They continue to sprout more shoots and grow. Bamboo is considered to be an extremely green, environmental product. Many consumers relish the thought that when they purchase bamboo flooring in Winston Salem, that they are truly helping preserve their environment.

Thanks to today's technology, bamboo flooring in Winston Salem is durable, long lasting and just as smooth and flat as any other wood flooring is. There are many luxurious colors and styles that will add to the value of any home. Quality bamboo flooring bought in Winston Salem will make any customer happy.

Importance in purchasing quality flooring

In purchasing anything, the quality of what is being bought needs to be addressed. If a customer wants to buy a cheap product, the cheap product will not hold up as well as spending the extra money to buy a quality product. This holds true when purchasing flooring in Winston Salem. It does not matter what kind of flooring. Customers sometimes think a product that costs less is a better deal. Usually, in the long term life of the product, it is not.

In manufacturing wood flooring, the wood has to go through processing for it to become wood flooring. The processing has to be accurate and correct for it to live up to the standards that customers want and expect. Sometimes, if the product is cheap, it can be processed inexpensively and the product just will not hold up. Customers are getting an inferior product, compared to the more expensive and top of the line product. Also, cheap adhesives, such as glue, can add to the early erosion of the product.

Flooring in Winston Salem is reasonably priced and can be bought in many of its city's retail stores. They have a wide variety of colors and styles. Many customers wonder how durable bamboo and cork flooring really is. Experienced and knowledgeable salespeople answer these questions all the time. Customers find out how wonderful these products truly are.

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