Men’s Tungsten Rings


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  • Published June 26, 2011
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Men’s Tungsten Rings

Once upon a time, choosing a wedding ring – especially a man’s wedding ring - was a relatively straightforward task; tradition stated that gold was the metal and the style was classically plain. The only difference between a man’s and a woman’s wedding ring was the width and/or the thickness, leaving us plenty of time to ponder and puzzle over all the other necessaries.

Why tungsten?

Although gold is still the traditional choice of many engaged couples, a lot of men are turning towards a wedding ring made from one of the newer, tougher, more durable materials that have arrived on the scene. More and more in this age of high tech materials and technology, modern day jewellery is pushing the boundaries of the traditional norm - enriching the range and style of products on offer.

Men’s wedding rings – Welcome to the 21st century

Men’s tungsten wedding rings fall nicely into this category. The tradition lives on, but on the 21st century man’s terms. Tungsten carbide ticks all the boxes for those discerning men who favour something just a bit out of the ordinary, yet stylish and able to stand up to a sometimes hard and hectic life style. Those boxes include:

There is no other ring metal more wear resistant - anywhere

Tungsten is extremely hard, it’s about ten times harder than 18ct gold, and is not far behind a diamond for toughness

Tungsten rings are difficult to scratch and will not bend or lose their shape

Tungsten rings have a permanently polished or matt appearance and require little cleaning

Tungsten is a lot cheaper than most other quality jewellery metals

Men’s tungsten wedding rings are made in a large range of styles, and a variety of colour tones

Tungsten sits well alongside gold and silver, each complementing the other

Tungsten wedding rings – Quality is important

Tungsten carbide rings are alloyed with a small amount of cobalt in order to more easily shape and form the wedding band. Many people are wary of cobalt but its use in jewellery is regulated by the EU. Good quality tungsten carbide wedding bands are officially classed as cobalt free because they contain such minimal amounts of cobalt and conform to EU guidelines.

Men’s tungsten wedding rings – A tough choice!

Men’s tungsten wedding rings may be thought of as unconventional, but are certainly not an indication of compromise. Individual styles, colours and designs exist which are hard to equal. Inlaid precious metals are particularly attractive and are further enhanced when combined with the complementing finishes of matt and polished effect. Another elegant addition is the inlaid cubic zirconia which is slightly harder than most semi-precious natural gems, giving the ring a very stylish look. Men’s tungsten wedding rings may be laser engraved with a design of your choice, sentiments of special meaning between you and your loved one, or a combination of both.

Styles and Designs – It really is up to you

We are all individual; tastes and preferences vary from one person to another. Fortunately, the range of men’s tungsten wedding rings available covers all personalities and styles; from understated, simple bands to beautifully engraved and intricately worked designs. Men’s tungsten wedding rings sit well with formal wear or work-wear, through busy lifestyles or sporting activities. With very little maintenance and after care, they will last a lifetime - looking as good in the years to come as the day you first slipped it on your finger.

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