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  • Published August 25, 2011
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Gardening is extremely rewarding and the right kind of efforts can bring desirable results. There are a few tools that must be in every gardener’s kit and the ‘Garden Tiller’ is one such tool that can save the person a lot of time and effort in enhancing the beauty of the garden.

Garden Tillers are used to turn over soil and prepare a proper area for planting. They make the soil loose and filled with air, allowing plants to grow properly. A garden tiller can effectively turn over dirt easily and a wide range of tillers are available for breaking up most kinds of soil. Tillers use rotating blades known as tines that have circular movements to break up and turn over the soil. The Garden Tillers are classified as per the position of their tines. Front Tine Tillers have tines at the front end and are less expensive than Rear Tine Tillers and are suitable for smaller jobs. Rear Tine Tillers are more effective than Front Tine Tillers and have a set of self-propelled wheels in the front and the tines in the back. They are equipped with various gears and settings to work in forward or reverse mode.

The Garden tillers are available as electric or gas powered. The electric tillers need to be plugged in for use and hence suit mid sized gardens. For a bigger garden, it would be wise to choose a cordless gas tiller. Gas tillers need extra maintenance than electric tillers since their fuel lines need to be drained each year. The prices of garden tillers vary a lot and mainly depend on the power of the tiller. Light duty tillers are smaller and have 1 or 2 horsepower engine ideal for smaller gardens while heavy duty tillers have more horsepower for working in difficult soil conditions.

Before the process of tilling, it is recommended to prepare the garden. It would be better to pull out any weeds before tilling because a tiller can spread them over the garden, which can result in an abundance of weeds later on. Also removing rocks, sticks, and breaking large dirt clods will make tilling effortless. Tillers work best in dry soil, so that they can easily break up clumps so it would be sensible to avoid watering the soil.

Garden Tillers can save the person a lot of time and effort and are extremely easy to use. They can prove to be a great help in the gardens and are an essential tool for every gardening enthusiast. The right tiller tool and dedicated efforts can surely make the dream look of the garden a reality.

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