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  • Published September 18, 2011
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Isn’t it a pain when you need to clean up a spill or mess and just can’t seem to find the right supplies in your cleaning closet? Stocking the cleaning closet on a monthly basis makes sure that what you need to get the job done is always within reach. You can also stock up weekly if it better suits your needs, though most will find a monthly replenish is more than sufficient.

While it’s a great idea to keep a log of all materials and update it as you go, it’s not very practical. Messes are rarely if ever organized, and it takes more time away from your busy schedule to monitor and mark the sheet than simply reviewing supplies at the end of the month. The best way to manage your supplies is to do what your maids service does: keep a close eye on your tools of the cleaning trade.

Begin by surveying which supplies you have and which ones are running low. Generally, all-purpose cleaners and bathroom cleaners are the first to deplete followed by floor cleaners, refresh/odor eliminating sprays and furniture polish. Depending on the types of floors and furniture in your home, your needs could be reversed; however, this will likely be the order for most central and southern New Jersey residents.

When restocking, be sure you have the following supplies on hand at all times:

• All purpose cleaner – This is great for removing streaks from windows, sticky messes from floors and crumbs off countertops. While it isn’t a disinfectant, it is a quick fix for tackling messes. A spare refill is always recommended.

• Bleach – For porcelain and other hard-to-clean surfaces, bleach is a great way to remove stains and keep surfaces clean. Make sure the cap is on tight, and replenish frequently since it’s used quite often around the house.

• Ammonia – While you should never mix bleach and ammonia, you should always have both on hand around the house. Ammonia is excellent for cleaning surfaces and handling tough jobs, especially outdoors.

• Furniture polish – A good can of furniture polish can be used to make wood shine, to buff leather or to give countertops a gorgeous sheen. Just don’t use it on hardwood floors: the compound is extremely slippery and can cause trips.

• Carpet stain remover – Pick a formula of carpet and upholstery stain remover that best suits your lifestyle. Some are designed to clean up after pets; others are suitable for getting food stains out of fabric.

• Odor neutralizer – A good odor neutralizer kills bacteria and emits a pleasant scent. It should be suitable for use on fabrics to keep your furniture smelling fresh and pleasant for years to come.

• Floor cleaner – A bottle of floor cleaner lasts for a few weeks, so be sure to keep an extra on-hand just in case you have a sticky situation in the kitchen. Always follow the directions, and make sure the formula won’t harm your flooring.

• Bathroom surface cleaner – This is a great way to clean and disinfect your toilet, shower, tub and sink, as well as all of the other surfaces in your bathroom. Use other specialized cleaners (such as glass cleaner) to get chrome and shower doors sparkling after disinfecting them.

• Disinfectant – A general disinfectant is perfect for cleaning all of the surfaces outside the bathroom. It’s especially critical in the kitchen and any room where children or pets like to play!

• Miscellaneous solvents – These may include oven cleaner, outdoor glass cleaner or other specialized products that you frequently use around your home. If you use it, even seasonally, always be sure to have enough on-hand to last until your next grocery trip.

By replenishing your cleaning supplies often, you’ll have your home spotless in between visits from the house cleaning service. It’s a great proactive way to stay on top of household grime!

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Cleaning a closet is not a pain but need to understand how to do this effectively as your maids would do. Let’s discuss the same in this article which would definitely be helpful to you.

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