Choosing the Right Vacation Rental for Your Holiday

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  • Published October 10, 2011
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Spending a holiday in the same old environment of busy roads, heavy crowds, and congested rooms will not be much different from the routine life. All we need is a fresh location with a beach to lie on, an ocean to swim in and rejuvenating scenic walks. One assured way of getting all these things along with some exclusive features, is by opting for a good vacation rental.

Vacation rentals generally are independent, fully furnished and are more spacious when compared to the rooms in hotels. They are available at just about every tourist destination. Choosing them is not at all difficult, if you take care of a few basic things. The following things will guide you in choosing the right villa or vacation home for your holiday.

Location: Most rentals are located near the beaches and nearby tourist attractions or sites of interest. Select the one which best suits your taste. Know if it is well connected to the city, so that you can save money and time on transportation. If possible, see the pictures of the location on their website. Make sure that it is less noisy and not over crowded.

Ambiance and external environment: The right vacation rental should provide perfect ambiance and total comfort for tourists. Choose the rentals which have enough space for your family. The interior should be well furnished including an equipped kitchen to prepare your own snacks and meals. The external environment should be convenient, safe and if possible, should provide a good scenic view. Finally, the entire atmosphere, in and around the vacation rental should match your taste.

Services and facilities: With the growing competition among the hotel industry, many rentals are coming up with elating services and facilities in order to make your trip interesting. These services may include round-the-clock maintenance, swimming pools, laptops, local cell phones, baby play pen, bikes for rent, fitness centers, airport transfers, movie theaters, beach clubs, and so on. Many vacation rentals also provide special packages for occasions like wedding and honeymoon. The rental should offer information about various tourist attractions, which helps you to visit more places in less time.

Terms and policies: While choosing a vacation rental, check for its terms and policies. They cost a lot when ignored. For instance, if we take refund policy, some rentals will allow you to postpone your vacation, and some others will charge cancellation fees, while some may totally refuse to refund. So, checking these things upfront will alleviate surprises and help you in saving money. Moreover, many of the rentals will state 'everything is included'. You need to be careful when they state this. Cross check the things which are really included, investigate thoroughly, review and sign your vacation paper work and then pay money.

Experience in the market: Check for the experience and reputation of the vacation rental provider. Unless they maintain qualitative service they cannot stay longer in the industry. And hence, long running rentals definitely convey their expertise and the quality of services.

Apart from these tips, you need to check the taxes, gratuity and any other service charges in these rentals.

Remember the above mentioned things while choosing a vacation rental. Select a vacation rental that suits your taste and budget to experience a memorable holiday.

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