How to Pass the SAT Exam without Worry

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  • Author Maribel Albi
  • Published October 13, 2011
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Entering college is an exciting stage of any high school graduates. It will not only lead you to your dream career but will it will pave way to a much brighter future for you hence; only the bravest of heart could enter college . There is certainly no room for the faint-hearted. If you are serious of entering your dream university you have to pass college admission exams which is technically called SAT exam. Many students have developed exam anxiety which causes them to flunked SAT. Actually it’s the preparation weeks that taking a toll on them and not the exam itself thus; that’s the part that should be handled properly. Previous SAT exams have shown that those who approach the exam with full confidence are those who likely to ace the SAT. They are not necessarily the smartest in high school but those who are well-prepared and have high esteem. The question now is how to build high esteem? The answer will be plain and simple- equipped yourself by preparing efficiently. Practice as much as you can with past SAT practice tests and practice writing as much as you can. How much time you invest reviewing will determine the intensity of self-esteem you would be creating.

Moreover, many might caught themselves in a sea of worry while reviewing because they might stumble some gray topics. The best thing to attack this worry is to find tutors that will explain to you how things are being solved. You may also register for SAT prep courses online or in review centers. This will put you in the right track and will be extremely useful to fill in topics you might be missing. Online courses are very ideal since it will be taken right at the comfort of your home, saving you both time and money.

Another way to attack stress or worry while reviewing is to be happy and relaxed. There are tons of things to read and math problems to be solved but always make sure to squeeze some "happy time". Happy time means a good sleep every now and then and a good meal to fuel your mind and body. Having some exercises will also give you happy hormones and will make your mind absorb information better. It will be great looking forward to college days itself hence; fueling you to strive better during the SAT exams.

In addition, worry builds up when you did not start reviewing well. You might missed some topics and overtime these piles up. When you realized that you seem to be missing something, you become stressed and worried. Therefore the key here is jumpstart a great start by outlining your review. Create a time table and fixed hours to read and practice solving. Constant velocity in practicing is great way to avoid cramming.

If you are equipped with these useful guides, it’s a sure way to have the highest self-esteem in your SAT exam day and ace the exam!

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