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  • Author Pardeep Sammy
  • Published October 13, 2011
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It’s a dream for any student to do post graduation in management. Lots of management institutes have come up in last two to three years. Student has lot many choices today. But students should be careful about the institute they choose..It’s as important as choosing your career path.

Just getting a degree of management course is not enough. Ultimately student has to make career in corporate world. Today’s corporate world is lot different than what it was 10 years ago. Today Global economy is much more interlinked .Problems in one part of the world spreads like wild fire to other parts of the world. As we know western economies are in trouble. Greece is facing crisis. This crisis has put a question mark on the existence of euro zone. If no solution is found for this problem quickly, again the entire world will have bad time.Also economies are much more open today. We can make it out from our own economy. Almost all sectors have been opened up. Earlier a few business families used to dominated Indian markets. There was a license raj.It was easy for these business houses to manage competition and customers.Customers were the ultimate losers who got bad products and services.

Now the scene is totally different .Sectors have been opened up. Competition has intensified across sectors. Customer has ample choices. Getting good growth has become difficult. Corporate executives are under tremendous pressure to deliver.

Today’s management graduates are supposed to work in such a scenario. Not only are they supposed to work but also deliver. Just classroom inputs are not going to help students to survive and grow in their careers .Many of the institutes are just doing that.They are just offering classroom inputs supplemented by some minor practical assignments. Students get certificate at the end of two years. But this certificate doesn’t mean that they are ready to deliver in practical world. Because ultimately what matters is how student applies concepts in the real life situation to get results. Just because a student is management graduate doesn’t help him in having fast track career.

That is why when student chooses management institute he should be careful .He should look at the contents of course apart from other things .Course should have practical perspective. Syllabus should be integrated with the industry so that during two years not only he learns concepts in the classroom but also gets a chance to apply them in the real life situation.When syllabus provides this opportunity, he gets ready to perform in the corporate world. Today so many management graduates pass out every year.If one tracks their career ,not everybody makes it to the top. Only a few management graduates reach the top.All those lose out had only degree .But they were not ready to fulfill the requirements of corporate world. Blame goes to institutes which didn’t mould students in two years as per the requirements of industry. That is why students should choose only those institutes that really prepare and mould them to take on the big bad corporate world.

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