Good essays will always shine through

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  • Published October 16, 2011
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Good essays will always shine through

Sometimes there is a very thin line between a good essay and an average essay. However, in as much as this may be the case, seasoned professors have a way of seeing through all types of essays and conclusively judging them as either average or good. A good essay will earn you a good grade while an average one will lead to a grade that will just leave you at the brink of academic survival.

We all like to think of writing as a task that is a preserve of only a few people but as an expert, I always have an opinion to the contrary. Anyone can do a good essay if they commit to it. Essays are basically a compilation of ideas that deeply explore a given area of study. In other words, essays are academic papers written with the intent of exploring a given subject area that is of interest to the writer. The equivalents will include research papers, term papers and dissertations.

In any given semester, students are required to write a number of essays depending on the subject of study. The depth and coverage will also depend on the volume of work that has already been done among other specifications that the tutor will deem necessary.

So what exactly does it take to write a good essay? Well, the answer lies in your understanding of the whole writing rubric. To begin with, it is necessary that I make it absolutely clear that good writing has nothing to do with one’s inherent ability to do so. This has been a common misconception and the earlier we get it out of the way the better for all aspiring and existing writers. One important aspect that is always at the core of writing is consistent practice and wide reading. We all learn from others, and believe me the others also had to learn from those who came before them, it is such a long and enriching chain that culminates in knowledge being passed down from one generation to another.

In a nut shell, writing good research papers can be achieved regardless of how hectic the process may be. It also worth mentioning the help is always at hand. My experience over the years has enabled me to come into contact with writing agencies, both good and average as well. They all specialize in offering students some reprieve from the rigors of writing but with varying degrees of quality. The best writers are those who put the interest of the students first and by so doing come up with essays that shine through.

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