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  • Author Louise Gandolfi
  • Published October 31, 2011
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Site Split Testing is a great tool to determine how a different version of a page on your site measures against another. Site Split Testing is also known as A/B testing and in a nutshell… It is a software application that splits the traffic between two or more variants of the same webpage, and it measures whether there is a difference in the value of that page in achieving the goals of your site. The different versions of your webpage could differ through mediums such as; the wording of your header, the color, the content, the layout and your offers etc.

With Site Split Testing you can set up as many variations of that page as you like, changing many features, like the different variations I mentioned above. Because Site Split Testing involves a single element of a page being changed at one time… a key thing to remember is to only really try to change one variable on each variation page, this is crucial as it allows you to easily measure which variable is making more sales and which isn’t.

Site Split Testing will give you the knowledge of which combination of website elements will provide you with the evidence of which combination of website elements have worked the best and achieved the most sales. Site Split Testing can help you in many areas in gaining new customers, such as; you’ll get more customers purchasing from your site, get more interaction through newsletters, social media buttons etc and get visitors to stay longer on your site. If you are in a highly competitive market, Site Split Testing is crucial when trying to outshine your competitors.

Site Split testing is not just for web designers to do. Although ideally they should originally be the ones to do this in the beginning as they are the ones who most probably designed the site and should have the files needed to hand.

From using Site Split Testing, your conversion rate could double, say from 1% - 2%. This results in doubling your revenue even though you’re not spending an extra penny on your marketing budget. This therefore means your money can be spent elsewhere on other areas that may need improving.

You should always keep Site Split Testing on a regular basis. It can take a while to get test results. Remember that the market, your consumer’s thoughts and needs are constantly changing with the times, and you should be Site Split Testing to roll with the current times.

Always check out your competitors, see what they have featured on their webpages, do these work? If they do, try and see if you can incorporate this into your Site Split Testing. Once you start Split Testing make sure you regularly track your results, and record them efficiently, this way you can determine which variable has produced the best results.

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