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  • Author Louise Gandolfi
  • Published October 31, 2011
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Email Marketing is one of the best forms of marketing a business could invest their time in.

It is still to this day rated the most used application on the Internet. This is shown through the following statistics…96% of Internet Users say Email is their main reason for being online and 53% of Business workers check their email 6 or more times a day. In these current times, it’s shown clearly that Email is the primary communication tool for businesses.

Email Marketing compared to postal marketing saves you a lot of time and indeed a lot of money. No fee’s for postage and no printing costs. Doing a postal marketing campaign will take time and effort in areas such as designing and printing, whereas an email will take almost no time at all. You can also plan when your emails get sent out at the most effective and convenient time.

In all, the return on investment of opt-in-email is 40 times greater than direct mail and the response rate of opt-in-email is 50 times greater than banner ads and 5 times greater than direct mail. You no longer have to wait around for a response as well, 80% of responses to email campaigns will happen with 3 days, compared to weeks with postal mail.

To make extra revenue, you should consider dishing out ad space on your monthly/fortnightly email newsletters, brings you more revenue and may offer something to your customers they may be interested in. Being able to personalize your emails is one of the most appealing attributes when it comes to email marketing. It just has that slight personal touch, which you tend not to get with postal mail.

With Email campaigns, they allow you to track the results, with up to the minute statistics, so you can see which email has been most affective therefore allowing you to update and change your email campaigns accordingly.

It takes an average person to see or hear about your product/service at least 7 times before they consider your product/service, by doing Email Marketing, you can send out a number of messages to your customers/subscribers, so they learn, see and read about your products/service often and on a regular basis.

By keeping in touch with your existing customers with follow up emails, for example, after they have brought a product from you, you are building a relationship between you the store and them the customer. You can offer those discounts and promotions on items that are relevant to what they have brought previously.

Email Marketing is a great form of marketing to keep your existing customers and a great way to make new ones. Any Online/Offline Business should seriously consider, if not already done so, the superb benefits of Email Marketing.

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