Are Acting Schools Essential or an Unnecessary Expense

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  • Published November 7, 2011
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The point of acting schools isn’t to give hobby actors a chance to play dress up and pretend, but to give fledgling professionals the skills they need for success. To succeed as an actor, you need intelligence and imagination, but you also need to learn to harness these characteristics into acting performances.

Fortunately, acting schools can let you pursue your training part-time while you continue working or studying. Since full-time jobs are a reality for many acting students, this is essential for many hoping to vacate their day jobs. Acting schools can help fine-tune your skills and might just result in an awesome audition and leaving your day job behind!

To embark on a career as an actor, it takes bravery and to be successful you must be confident in both to your talent and training. Studying method acting requires that you trust your instructor and the skills that you have acquired. Acting schools that teach method acting require that you explore emotions so you can access these emotions whenever your role requires. You must learn to observe the world through your character’s eyes and as a result portray that character’s response accurately.

Even successful actors can improve their skills when they study method acting. For example, Marilyn Monroe was already an established Hollywood actress when she decided to put her career on hold to study further. She moved to New York, studied with Lee Strasberg, and propelled her career to the next level. As a result, she was exponentially better in her later films that she was early in her career. Even though she was already proficient on the big screen, method acting helped her create true emotion on the screen that resonated with the viewers. Marilyn Monroe was so grateful for Strasberg’s teachings and friendship that her will left the majority of her estate to him. Although you may not leave your estate to your teacher, if you have a good mentor you will understand why she decided to.

Acting Schools London

The successful London based acting schools do not just teach the basics of voice and movement. Instead, these acting schools teach the much more effective curriculum of method acting. Method acting requires emotional exploration and psychological analysis that the London acting schools did not embrace in the past. However, the successful schools have realized this mistake, and are moving towards method acting.

It takes raw ability to be a successful actor, but acting schools fine-hone this raw ability until to develop you into a polished professional. Is it possible to be successful in the theatre, television, and film without training? Maybe. However, it is also possible that your cat isn’t merely being snooty, and does in fact have a well thought out plan for world domination. Many things are possible, but highly unlikely and improbable – your success in this profession most likely depends on the acting school you choose..

The right program should teach you the proper techniques, methods, and also prepare you to work in show business. You will need education and professional feedback related to both acting and the business side of your career. If you are ready to stop dreaming about being a professional actor and actually have a flourishing career, consider acting schools London!

Brian Timoney, who owns one of the most successful acting schools in London, has taught acting in both London and Hollywood for over 20 years. acting schools London teaches advanced acting classes related to Method acting and helps students understand their full potential. If you are interested in acting school, feel free to contact Brian.

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