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  • Author Carol Williams
  • Published November 8, 2011
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There are many perspectives on acting techniques. Different types of theater demand different aesthetics. In one popular acting technique known as method acting, actors adopt the personality and motivations of their part and begin to behave as if they were the chosen role. Method acting's process is an intense interior redefinition of the self that the actor undergoes in order to become their character. Modern use of the Method, which has been exemplified by some of the greatest actors, alive and dead, including Marlon Brando, James Dean and Jane Fonda, is attributed to the work of American director Lee Strasburg.

Beginning in the 1940's, Strasburg used the Method to train his students. However, the popular acting technique was already used by actors as early as the 1930's in the New York theater company Group Theatre. The Method as used by Strasburg involved substituting the actor's motivations with the character's and thereby assuming the character's personality. In this way, the character on the page is brought into reality. Other acting techniques are designed to place distance between the actor and their role. These conservative perspectives rely on exaggerated gestures and externalized emotions. Method acting, on the other hand, internalizes emotions and wants the character to behave as realistically as possible. With the Method, there is more psychological and physical stress on the actor, but also a more believable and captivating performance.

To completely become the character in the script an actor cannot just simply adopt emotions. Because actors still have to communicate these emotions to the audience, physicality and speech play highly important roles. The audience will never know what the actor or character think unless this is expressed somehow on the stage. In each acting performance, it is important for every actor find the balance between intense emotional interiority and engaging the audience. A method actor does not pander to their audience nor do they hide from them. Method actors directly engage the audience with the powerful intensity of their interior emotional dilemma. Given the intense emotional interlude required of method actors, it is essential that they receive proper training at a qualified acting school.

Those individuals seeking a professional career in acting should be prepared to feel vulnerable around peers and instructors and ready to take risks. Method acting is intensely personal and you should seek acting classes in which you will feel comfortable revealing your most private memories. Many actors have found great success attending the method acting classes London, UK offers in its world class schools. Aspiring actors can research the acting classes London has and find which ones teach method acting in a way that aligns with the his goals and dreams. With a combination of natural talent and competent instruction, method actors will be prepared to provide audiences an impressive, believable, and effective performance.

Carol Williams, an actress with over 20 years of experience, has taught acting classes in California and London for over 20 years. She cautions new actors and actresses to be aware that many of the acting classes London offers do not provide Method acting courses and encourages students to only enroll at the schools that provide this essential training.

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