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Television has produced many fine crime shows over the years and many of them went on to be quite successful. One such show is CSI Miami, which began September 23, 2002 on the CBS station. The show is a spin off of CSI: Crime Scene investigation. The first episode was shown on May 9, 2002 and it went on to become a very successful television crime show. For many fans of this show there is the CSI Miami seasons 1-8 DVD boxset, which is available for all of those who stayed as avid crime show watchers. This DVD boxset can be found on several websites where it is being sold at a very reasonable cost.

The production information of this series is as follows: The cast for this crime of this show are Emily Procter, David Caruso, Johnathan Togo, Adam Rodriguez, the directors of the show are Carol Mendelsohn and Anthony E. Zuiker. The DVD set is also formatted as in color, a boxset, wide screen, Dobly, DVD, NTSC, the audio for this show is in English, the subtitles are in English and can be removed, the region is all of US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The aspect ratio is 2.35:1, the publisher is CBS, the genre is action, the release date is 2010, number of discs is 54 DVD's, the seasons are from 1-8, the weight of this DVD set is 2Kg, shipping in some cases is free of charge and also the condition is new and along with the affordable price, makes this DVD set of CSI Miami seasons 1-8 a fine and wonderful investment for all of its fans.

The main plot for this top rated television series follows the path of a South Florida team of highly decorated forensic investigators/police officers as they use both scientific methods and some old fashion police work so to help solve all crimes in the area of South Florida. There were many crime show that were created for television, but none of them captured the attention of CSI Miami seasons 1-8, as this series is considered to be one of the best to ever be broadcast on television.

The show went on to have several awards and nominations for its production and cast of fine actors. It was considered to be the top series of 2005 and 2006, it went on to receive the outstanding achievement in regard to the cinematography with its movies of the week/mini series and its pilot as well. It was nominated for its outstanding stunt coordination in 2007, outstanding cinematography for its single camera series in 2003, the BMI TV Music Award in 2005 and 2008.

For many viewers of CSI television series, it is adorned by its fans as being a top and highly rated crime show to ever be televised. Nothing about this show looks quite as good as the television seasons of 1-8 as its camera works makes the area of Florida so flawless and stunning, and yet very appealing as well. You will be able to regain all the action once again through this DVD set and relive every part of the teams forensic work along with the cast of actors who portray the members of the crime team.

Over the years there has never been a crime show that has been viewed by such a large audience as the this TV series has ever had. And although there were quite a lot of popular show that were of this nature, none of them were able to reach the peak of popularity for the fans as this one. If you are a die hard fan of this series, then you shall certainly be well entertained by the wonderful cast of actors, the directors, producers, and more that help to make the CSI Miami series a huge success and with the CSI Miami seasons DVD boxset you will be once again well entertained by one what is considered to be the best and highly rated crime show to ever be broadcast on television in the United States and other countries as well where its popularity is just as large.

There are plenty of online websites where you shall be able to make a fair purchase, as the cost for this wonderful DVD boxset is quite reasonable in regard to its price, which includes its shipping and handling. For all fans of this series, you will never be disappointed by the high quality of these DVDs, so you will be able to sit back and once again enjoy one the most looked at crime series ever shown on national television.

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