Types of hand trucks and their uses


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  • Published November 9, 2011
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A hand truck is also famous as dollies, two wheeler, trolley truck or bag barrow etc. The hand trucks can be defined as L shaped box electrifying hand or service cart with handles at one end, wheels at its base, used to carry heavy objects without straining anybody's back. It can be called as a first class lever, which is regularly used to transfer loads or cargo from one place to other in any warehouse or anywhere. It can be also used to move house appliances and furniture at home. Couple of hand trucks are coupled with stair climber wheels, which as the name suggests is made to go up and down. And stair climber wheels when used on plain grounds can face problems as all the four wheels coming in touch with the surface can create problems.

The hand trucks are manufactured through dissimilar types of materials which includes, tube steel, aluminum extrusion, aluminum tube and high impact plastics. The commercial hand trucks are seen in beverages and food industry to carry light weight loads. They are manufactured of two extruded aluminum channel side gang rails and magnesium or cast aluminum. Thus you can have aluminum hand trucks and other metal made carts. The following are the types of hand trucks:

• Folding hand cart: This happens to be the most popular among all the hand trucks plus table carts, chair carts and roller carts. The reason behind this being admired it's easy use aspect. They range in various weight capacities, however, since they are folding carts, they are unable to manage weights of dissimilar capacity unlike other hand trucks. These are mostly used for light weight loads generally at home.

• Platform Carts: They are used in general in large warehouse and stores. They can carry heavy weight loads from one end to another. Some of them are moveable sides which enable them to carry smaller objects or safeguarding fragile stuffs.

• Magliner hand truck cart: These are used to carry very heavy and large size stuffs. They can handle weights upto 1000 pounds (454 kgs). Though they are used usually with two wheels, however, with superior loads, these can be used with four wheels.

• Appliance hand truck: These can be used to carry heavy weight appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and dish washers and so. These have solid or aluminum frame with pneumatic wheels which can handle weight up to 800 pounds in simply two wheels. The belts given in these types of trucks can be used to safe loads you carry in them.

• Furniture hand trucks: These are flat, and have four wheels and are carpeted to prevent from any scratches or damaged wooden furniture from their expensive finish. As they have solid frame and locking casters, these can handle loads to 900 pounds.

• Service hand truck: These are also called as tiered carts, which are used to store nearly all tools used in car industry. It has solid metal frame which helps it to carry as myriad tool it can without getting collapsed.

aluminum hand truck has couple of small size compartments which can be used to store small items.

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