When to Hire a Professional Landscaper


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  • Published November 14, 2011
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Many of us who like to garden have the ability to look at a landscape and see the potential when it is not always visible. It's like a blank green canvas, ready for our artistic talents to emerge in a flourish of dramatic colours and textures.

To some, a rectangular patch of grass is solely an outdoor chore and worthy of a few containers of flowers to soften the square, watering once a week and pruning as needed.

Many of us straddle both words, have a keen idea of what we want but are not quite sure how to implement it in a professional yet subtle way.

If you are tackling a project that is worth a considerable amount of time and money, it may be time to call in a professional landscaping company to help you with your vision in a financially practical way.

A professional landscaper’s job is to ensure the architectural elements of your home blends with the landscape that surround it. This is done with an initial consultation where the professionals offer their advice and design plans incorporating your wish list into the practical applications of the landscape.

When to Call

An individual who owns a larger property may require a design with garden paths, lighting arrangements, terraces, courtyards, and even fountains. There can be retaining walls, needed and masonry work that require profession installations. Trees may need to be added or removed and various plantings in strategic places can offer sophistication and privacy.

If there are children in the family then play areas, need to be factored in. Grass for playing, trees for climbing. If there are animals then their needs must be considered as well. There are many beautiful plants that are highly toxic and should not be considered if small children or animals will be using the outdoor spaces routinely.

Professional landscapers are not just for large projects either. They are also used to create backyard sanctuaries in smaller spaces. By using design symmetry, balance and harmonizing planting and colours a more modest area can be transformed into family friendly outdoor entertainment area or a luxurious magical retreat.

Making it Work

You can also arrange a joint effort project. By meeting with a professional you can begin incorporating their recommendations and tackle many of the design aspects on your own.

When more skill is required you can bring in the team for their expertise. It can be the best of both worlds, by keeping your vision in mind and your budget on track.

Whether you are an avid gardener or just starting out, there are dozens of ideas that can be achieved to personalize your landscaping to match your home and your lifestyle. By getting familiar with the professionals in your community you can learn about the proper zoning and appropriate climates for the best results.

Investing in the advice of a profession can provide you with a beautiful landscaped garden, the maintenance information required and the ability to keep it growing for years to come. It is definitely money well spent.

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