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Many people just love to watch a good television drama and over the years there were plenty for audiences to view. The show Deter is one of them and has made a name for itself among its many viewers. The show is an American drama and centers around the life of the character Deter Morgan, portrayed by Michael C. Hall. He is works in the field of forensic science as a blood stain analyst for the Miami police department, but there is another side of him that makes the show quite interesting, as he is a serial killer. For the many fans of this show, there is the Dexter seasons 1-5 available in a DVD boxset.

This television show made its debut in the month of October, 2006 as a made for cable television program. The show ended after five seasons on December the 12th, 2010. The story is set in the city of Miami, Florida and the first season, which was based from the novel known as Dark Dreaming Deter, by the novelist Jeff Lindsay. This was considered to be the very first of a series of the Deter novels. A screen writer named James Manos wrote a pilot for this show.

This character, Dexter, is not known to be the average type of serial killer that preys and murders innocent victims, as he only targets certain people and kills them, which is based from a code that was instilled in him through is father. He goes out during the night time hours and hunts down those criminals and then makes sure that they are unable to ever commit a crime again.

Deter was adopted at the age of three by a Miami police officer whose name was Harry Morgan. The foster father discovered that his adopted son had some sociopath tendencies and goes on to teach him how to limit his killings only for those people who really deserve to be killed, as the victims must all be killers themselves.

If you are a fan of this show and have a desire to once again view this top rated show, then you can do so through the Deter seasons 1-5 DVD set. Information in regard to this DVD boxset is that the weight is 1.5Kg, the condition is new, it is a DVD boxset, the display is formatted for a wide screen, and its region is world wide.

The product information is that Deter is the name of the show and its main character, the genre is drama, mystery, thriller and crime, there are 27 discs, the shows creator is James Manos jr, it stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Julie Benz, David Zayas, Lauren Velez, James Remar and C. S. Lee. It formats both Pal and NTSC and is dolby digital. There are also subtitles, which can be easily removed.

This show does a real great job blending some black comedy, drama and horror, as it follows the daily events of the character Deter Morgan. He works for the Miami police department as an analysis for forensic blood spatter and who is also a serial killer during his free time.

It was his foster father who took the time to teach him to only kill the people who really deserved to die, which was mostly other killers who were able to escape the law and its system or those who were killers and never were caught and brought to justice. The show allows its audience to see this character balance out his everyday life while keeping his dark side a secret while being able to keep up his facade of normalcy.

This show was a big hit for those who love this different type of story, where someone like the character Dexter people to be more sympathetic to supposed evil. It allow the audience to witness a killer murdering people without the character being considered bad or evil as well. This is due to the fact that the character only kills the ones he feels really do deserve to die for the bad and evil crimes that they have committed to the innocent ones, which has help to make this show quite interesting.

There are plenty of fans of this show who just like the idea of seeing someone who in most cases is considered to be bad, such as a serial killer, but is not only out prowling around for certain victims, as he is looked at much like a vigilante killer, who is highly trained to service all of the innocent people who have suffered at the hands of the bad and evil killers. This DVD boxset captures all of this and more when you invest into the Dexter seasons DVD boxset.

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