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  • Author Sue Gunn
  • Published November 30, 2011
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Distance learning online is a great way to increase your skills or achieve recognised qualifications from the warmth and comfort of your own home. During a recession, redundancies increase and many people find themselves in need of new skill sets to set themselves up for a change in career. Correspondence courses are a great way to fulfil that need or goal in a way that will suit you. One of the most popular ways of studying by correspondence is online lessons. When you sign up to a programme you will find the resources and information you need for your course on the internet. Some of the assessments will also be online but assignments are usually completed offline.

If you decide to engage in distance learning online you will find the flexibility of not being limited to a classroom really beneficial. You can study whenever and wherever your course materials are accessible. If you have a job you won’t have to give it up as the flexibility of a correspondence course will allow you to work around it, you can also choose to study part time. Courses usually have a permanent timeframe but with distance learning you do not have to fit into a strict schedule. You control your schedule and you can start your studying at any time of the year not just at the set time of a semester. If you have children or other commitments you can choose to do your work any time of the day, early in the morning, late at night or on the weekends it’s completely up to you.

Correspondence programmes provide support from tutors so you do not flounder on your own. You can email or phone your instructor with any problems or questions you have and most programmes of this nature make available online chats, video conferences, and other interactive means for students and tutors to work collectively. You also save more on travel expenses with studying at home. With distance learning online you have the ability to study a wide range of topics and degrees that might not be available to you locally. There are so many options and you can study at large respected institutions at the opposite end of the country if you so choose. Even though you may live in an area where you have plenty of education institutions you may not have access to particular courses of study that interest you most. That is why distance learning online is so valuable; it gives you the freedom of choice.

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