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  • Published December 17, 2011
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As people's material life improving, people's spiritual life is also improving. Now many people have their own mobile phone, MP3 and radio, when they have free times they can Listening to music and watching TV. Have you ever noticed when you listen to music, watching TV the signal is often had some problems. If you want to solve these problems, you need to buy transmitter. Now there are a lot of FM transmitters in the market, some are high-power transmitters, some are low-power transmitters, some other medium-power transmitter. But whether it is high-power transmitter, low–power transmitters or medium-power transmitter, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, I'll show you briefly explain their respective disadvantages and advantages.

High-power transmitter receiver distance is greater than the low-power transmitters and medium-power transmitter. However, low-power FM transmitter and medium-power transmitter have their own advantages, they easy to carry, low power consumption and the price is cheaper.

Their not only have these advantages, but also have some disadvantages

Their disadvantage is that high-power FM transmitter is not easy to carry, Power consumption is higher, prices is more expensive, low-power transmitters to accept a small range.

Through these brief I believe you have seen the medium-power transmitter is you best choose because of the medium-power transmitter with low-power transmitter and high-power transmitters of common advantages, such as long distance to receive, the price is cheaper, lighter, less power consumption.

These are the simple introduce to the FM transmitter, through the simple introduction I believe that you already have a general understanding. If you want to know more about it or buy transmitter you can come here and contact with us, we have all kinds of FM transmitter sale. For example, whole house fm transmitter, pll fm transmitter. I believed that you will find a product make you satisfaction, we look forward to your e-mail.

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