A Beginners guide to Hydroponics and Organic Hydroponic Gardening


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  • Published December 31, 2011
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Hydroponics is the term used to describe the process of growing plants with a water based nutrition solution. There is no soil involved at all, and hence there is reduced risk of pesticides and other plant borne diseases. Progressively, people have started using organic hydroponic gardening to grow fruits and vegetables. As it the case any way, the main ingredients used for hydroponics plant cultivation are either already organic in nature (water), or they can be made organic (the nutrients and fertilizer).

Hydroponics stems from the Greek language (hydro meaning water and ponos meaning labor). As mentioned above, it is a method of growing plants, using water mixed with nutrients. Additionally, growing media such as perlite, gravel, and mineral wool are also used. There is no need for soil since it is only acts as nutrient reservoir. The nutrient solution is an adequate substitute to soil for plant cultivation.

Hydroponics has evolved as a fascinating development in indoor gardening. The main reasons why plant growers undertake hydroponics are that it is comparatively more cost effective and efficient than soil based gardening. The commonly perceived benefits of hydroponics include:

• Soil less plant cultivation

• Steady, stable, and substantial plant yield

• Reduced risk of pests and diseases

• Less cost of water, since usually it can be reused

• Less space, growing time, and labor involved

• Low cost of nutrition, since the nutrients mixed with water are recyclable

• Virtually no nutrition pollution owing to the fact that hydroponics is a controlled method of plant cultivation and can be conducted in a covered area with artificial lighting.

In summary, the hydroponics owes its popularity to the facts that it results in a higher rate of plant growth, it does not involve the usage of soil, and it can be used to grow plants in places where previously it was impossible to conduct in-ground agricultural or gardening activities.

Organic Hydroponic Gardening

The word organic is used to describe anything that comes from the earth, for example, plants, animals, and vegetables. Organic Gardening therefore means that no artificial ingredients are used to grow plants. As it is, one of the main ingredients in hydroponics, water, is organic, and organic fertilizer can easily be obtained from cows, chicken, seaweed, sheep manure, bones, and several other natural sources.

It may be noted here that along with the water mixed nutrients, plants also need air and nitrogen to grow well. Additionally, they also require an adequate provision of pH (potential Hydrogen) in the fertilizer. It has been proven that hydroponics conducted with an organic fertilizer results in richer and substantial plants growth.

Plant Transplantation

The great benefit of both, hydroponics and organic hydroponics gardening is that you can easily transfer plants cultivated with soil, to a hydroponic system. This simply involves gently extracting the plants from the soil, and then running its roots under some cold water. Finally, you can place the roots into the hydroponic pot or container and cover it with the growing media.

In conclusion, hydroponic and organic hydroponic gardening make it possible to achieve more pure and healthy environmental conditions. And finally, those people who have used these methods of plant cultivation have found them to be rather fun and productive. So go ahead, and start your hydroponics garden today!

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