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  • Author C. Michael Hunter
  • Published November 21, 2011
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For managers, one cause of frustration in running a department is problematic equipment. The old equipment may include unsophisticated copiers, old-fashioned filing cabinets or typewriters, all of which can greatly affect the daily productivity of each employee. There is now high-tech equipment available to be considered by management for that next office upgrade. The latest equipment is very efficient and would help to increase the productivity of the office. Most employees are probably familiar with most of this newer equipment, allowing for a smooth transition.

Replacing Old Equipment

High-tech devices have become essential and necessary in order to run an office more efficiently. They are very functional, have many features, and with digital technology are very user-friendly and easy to operate. All of these improved devices have the capability of completing tasks quickly and easily, so that any jobs assigned to employees will not be hindered by equipment breakdown and important deadlines can be met. Additionally, each of these multi-functional devices is designed to work compatibly with each another and can be set up on a local area network (LAN) to handle the workload of an entire company. For these reasons, it is an appropriate time to consider replacing old, out-dated office equipment.

Items to Consider

Updating office machines and related equipment can be easier if there is a list of all of the things that need to be updated. The following are some helpful ideas on exactly what things might be needed in such an upgrade.

  • Office Furniture – This is one of the first areas that needs to be considered. Employees spend most of the day sitting in chairs at desks. It should be determined if the chairs are still comfortable or if the desks are still appropriate for current usage. If the furniture is old and not adjustable, it can cause inefficient work management because it is so uncomfortable. Outdated chairs and desks can actually decrease the productivity expected from each employee.

  • Computer Systems – Computers have become the backbone of almost every office; without them, the staff would probably accomplish very few daily tasks. There are very nice desktop computers available that are compact in size, such as those with LCD monitors. These computers and monitors require much less desk space which can significantly reduce clutter. For those employees who spend a log of work time traveling, a thin and handy notebook or laptop computer is ideal for that position.

  • Electronic Upgrades – It is possible to get rid of network wires cluttering an office space by employing wireless technology. There are wireless internet cards available for desktop computers and most new laptops are Wi-Fi ready. This can have a significant increase in the efficiency of the entire staff since work can be accomplished at various locations directly connected to the office network. In addition, all-in-one printers allow a user to print, scan, copy and fax all with one machine that can also be connected to the local area network.

  • Word Processing – For important letters, forms, memos and other such documents, there are word processing programs that are specifically designed for this purpose. In fact, there is certain software that combines several programs into one that provides templates for all important letters, forms and memos. These programs may also include task lists which have the ability to prompt workers about important deadlines, highlighted dates and even message boards and e-mails.

Productivity and performance can be greatly impacted with the type of office equipment being used by a company. It may be necessary to consider investing in comfortable furniture and effective, updated machines and devices that will have the ability to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of an office. If a company is experiencing countless idle time due to breakdown or inefficiency of the office equipment, it is definitely time for an update!

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