Outrage Is Vengeance… Pure Unadulterated Version Of Brutality!

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  • Published January 9, 2012
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Unabashed. Brutal. Intense. Complex. These words come into my mind when I think of Takeshi Kitano. This man is the possessor of a twisted frigging mind, whose intent is to craft movies that will crush your morality.

After a series of self-introspection movies like Takeshis, Glory to the Filmaker!, the remake of Zatoichi, he is back with a film, titled Outrage. With this movie, he is back in the business, back with what he does best - Yakuza and gang-style movies.

If you follow and watch his movies, you will witness something similar in Outrage. Catch this one online, to enjoy a film based on the crime syndicate or clans in Japan, which are pretty well-organized like any MNC or government agency.

This film, hauntingly, showcases the day to day operations of a gang. This movie can become a benchmark for any real life Yakuza clan, guiding them on how to run a gang. Well, I am against organized crime syndicates, so please don’t take the statement seriously; I was just praising Kitano’s caliber as a writer, director and actor.

Outrage revolves around the lives of the gang members, who are controlling their business in the Kanto region. The ultimate crime boss of Sannokai, Sekiuchi issues a strict warning to his subordinate, lieutenant Kato and Ikemoto, the leader of Ikemoto-gumi. You can watch the movie full online, as it will reveal that Kato sends down the order to Ikemoto. He asks him to unite the Murasami-gumi gang. The things with Murasami-gumi should be aligned and their actions should be controlled.

Ikemoto passes the order to his junior Otomo. Apparently, Otomo has his own gang and is operating it. This passing on of orders will lead to chaos in the gang and the entire Kanto region. The transition of the plot from one scene to another is intriguing.

As everybody is answerable to someone in the clan, you can watch Outrage online to see Otomo dirtying his hands. Will he be able to control and get a grip on the situation?

Download Outrage movie and get transported to the hostile world of Yakuza clan. Kitano is a brilliant director, and in this movie, he will be seen as an actor as well. I believe only a director of Kitano’s stature can portray a character in his own movie.

The expressions of all the actors are stern yet relaxed. Generally, the gang members are known to be impatient, but in this movie, they will be seen waiting; waiting for a long time for the orders to come!

Watch Outrage movie full online and you will love to hate chaos like never before. Kitano is back, and he is back with a frigging nuclear bomb in the form of Outrage.

Watch Outrage Online here. Even fan can Download Outrage Movie Here.

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