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  • Author Jack Love
  • Published January 28, 2012
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Drums and Drum sets are some of the most versatile and vital instruments in the world of music. Drums help the other musicians keep the beat and add depth and excitement to almost every type of music ever played from classical to rock to country and heavy metal and hip hop. However, despite what most people think to be an excellent drummer you need to have some training or a lot of experience playing the drums. Playing a drum set is far different than playing a single drum as you need both your hands and feet to successfully play a drum set. Seattle drum lessons can help you learn the economics of playing a set of drums.

Great Seattle drummers are very much in demand as there are many local and regional bands and symphonies that are always looking for these talented individuals. However, most bands want a skilled individual who is not only an experienced drummer, but who can also read music and contribute as a musician. Of course there are videos out there that claim they can teach you to play drums simply by watching, but more often than not a beginning drummer will learn bad habits. These bad habits can cause repetitive strain injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome or tendinitis.

Taking some affordable Seattle drum lessons can be just what you need to learn how to play correctly and improve your Seattle drum playing. Taking lessons from Seattle Drum Studio will help you improve both your drumming style and technical skill. This will be an important stepping stone to becoming a successful Seattle drum player with a local band or even a small symphony orchestra.

By taking Seattle drum lessons you will learn how to set up your drums properly to make playing not only simple and easy, but also in tune with your body's ergonomics. You will learn how to use both feet and both hands in synchronization, gaining four way coordination and independence. Of course, you will also gain some great tips on improving your technique and developing your own individual style when playing the drums.

Sure, you can learn all these things without taking any lessons at all but, it will take you much longer and can be frustrating learning on your own. With Seattle drum lessons, you not only get help and encouragement while you learn, but you also get the expertise from someone who has years of experience playing the drums.

When choosing where to take your Seattle drum lessons look for someone who not only has experience as a music teacher, but who has specific experience playing drums. That way you will be sure that your Seattle drum teacher has the expertise to show you all the ins and outs. And if your instructor is a working Seattle drummer so much the better as he can give you tips on what is happening on the Seattle music scene, including other great drummers to go and see to help you improve your style.

If you want to be the best around then taking Seattle drum lessons is worth the investment of time and money.

Jack Love is an avid drummer and teacher within the Seattle music scene. Owner of Seattle Drum Studio at, he can be seen performing regularly with The Requisite at, as well as the punk band Omega Moo.

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