Four Benefits Of Conducting Satisfaction Surveys

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  • Author Paul Smith
  • Published February 20, 2012
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Stiff competition forces contemporary companies to pay more attention to customer satisfaction which is a milestone of successful operations of any business, big and small. It is easier to keep your current customers rather than devote additional resources to draw new clients in. Effective online - satisfaction surveys are handy tools that may help you enhance communication, spot trends, identify areas for improvement and save time.

Enhance effective communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of your business success and an easy way to promote your products. By inviting customers to fill in your surveys you get information about psychographic and demographic profiles which allows you to target your core audience more effectively.

Keep in mind that customers are more likely to carefully read informative surveys than competitors send to them. So, why not capitalise on this opportunity to publicise your product or service? Properly structured satisfaction surveys can be used to inform your clients about useful features of your product or special time-sensitive offers you are going to introduce.

Keep an eye on new trends

By conducting surveys on a regular basis you can spot new trends appearing in the market and convert potential clients into buying customers. When conducting surveys include a special section where you ask what customers are willing to get when buying your product. Online satisfaction surveys come handy for spotting trends in their answers which may give you a competitive edge and keep your current clients.

Identify areas for improvement

When conducting surveys you can easily spot areas for improvement in different areas, be it price, quality or service. In comparison to offline surveys and focus groups where people sometimes feel shy to share their opinions, online satisfaction surveys allow customers to get straight to the point. Make sure your surveys include questions about the price, quality and overall experience from using your product.

If your clients state that the product is overpriced it may be a good idea to reduce some overhead expenses or use cheaper packaging materials to reduce price. If the quality of your product is an area of concern, try to identify clear bottlenecks by asking additional questions. Finally, if your clients are not satisfied with the service you offer, pay attention to the performance of your employees and review your delivery and payment policies.

Save time

Online satisfaction surveys are handy tools to save time as they are usually quicker to create and fill in. There are several reputable online companies that offer customisable templates to be used for your surveys. All the data you collect goes straight to your marketing database, so there is no need to waste time to rekey new details and update customer profiles. It is essential to point out that you can reach a bigger scope of clients at lower costs as you don’t have to print out surveys and send them by conventional mail.

When conducting satisfaction surveys on a regular basis it is possible to enhance effective communication, spot new market trends, identify areas for improvement and save time on creating and sending out questionnaires.

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