Stop PTSD Vomiting and Start the Cure

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  • Author Risa Ruse
  • Published February 23, 2012
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There is truth in using Art as a medium of catharsis today.

Those of us with PTSD who use it, have a great deal to say!

For instance poetry enhances a fourth dimension of Art in rhyme.

The difference is that to heal the inspiration must come from the Divine.

There is hope for us who are trapped within the repeating memory recollection.

This is even if we are creating Art representation of the trauma’s connection.

We may think we are okay by getting it all out in a tangible way.

What we do not comprehend is that it just keeps coming back each day.

If your body has eaten something bad it projects what was the cause.

Not so when your mind is the receptor that feeds the bile without pause.

Now instead of being cleansed empty, we are continually fettered and fearfully fed.

To be released from PTSD we must be nourished with good thoughts in our head.

Just as those with the flu we vomit until the illness is through.

Past trauma lingers inside us as bile bubbling beneath to keep us Blue.

The error is thinking that this illness is all in our head from the start.

In reality each repetitive memory response blocks and hardens our heart.

What happens then is that we create a heart wall that protects us from harm.

Given that each negative emotion makes the wall thicker, should bring alarm!

Granted that like a stronghold fort we can feel inside secure.

The truth is that positive emotions are also blocked preventing a cure.

Here is a strategy to share in shearing fear and anger from our psyche.

Releasing what is in our heart wall with acceptance and thanks is key.

Without reliving what was done the goal is to release these events each day.

A tip in doing so is through being "still" in meditation after we pray.

Even if those of us in pain are not ready to pray they can receive relief.

This is done, by giving command to your thoughts to release the past with belief!

Reflect on the emotion to be severed and exit your body through your feet.

Ideally, we need to forgive from where the pain came for the Blues to accept defeat.

Continue with the command to your mind to grow roots into Earth’s core.

This is done to cause no harm to others when we release and are rid of our sore.

Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Contact me and I will share from my own healed experience. I am also a Social Worker specializing in helping homeless Veterans get help for their own PTSD and poverty. Family, friends, and those with PTSD contact me at: See my books on Amazon at: Thanks!

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