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  • Author John Oxley
  • Published February 24, 2012
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A growing number of music lovers agree that to enjoy excellent sound quality intended by the studios you need to invest in high-grade earphones. The earphones mania is actually rational: if you can afford a high-end smartphone filled with quality music worth about as much as the device itself, then a pair of custom-fit, noise-blocking earphones is a necessity rather than a luxury if you want to enjoy that sound. Trusted brand Westone and the like have a lot of innovations for you to enjoy.

Improved clarity has become a reality

There have been lots of complaints about sound quality produced by low-priced earbuds recently. Users say music leaks out and extraneous noise gets into the ear, especially when in noisy places. Modern in-ear headphones by high quality brand Westone have been designed to make up for the downside of the previous generation devices and provide far clearer sounds even at lower volumes. Because of their ergonomic configuration, they seal the ear so tightly that any external noise is blocked from getting in and the sound is prevented from leaking out. This means that you don’t have to turn up the music when on the Tube and can still hear it perfectly well at lower volumes.

Increased sound quality at safer levels

How often do you listen to loud music? Research has revealed that anyone listening to music at high volumes is at risk of developing hearing damage. If you do this for more than an hour a day for at least 5 years in a row, you might even suffer from permanent hearing loss. Protecting your health starts with listening to music at safer levels. With top quality earphones by famous brand Westone, you can enjoy crisp highs, warm mids and thumping bass at lower volumes without damaging your eardrums. They are suitable for being used in very noisy places, including public transport, busy streets and industrial premises.

Comfortable durable wear

How long can you wear your in-ear headphones? Most people acknowledge that their earbuds cause some discomfort and aren’t suitable for durable wear. The precise configuration of modern high-grade devices ensures they fit your ear perfectly and remain comfortable no matter how long you use them. Earphones by high quality brand Westone come with different ear-tips for you to find that perfect fit for your ears. Despite its small light ergonomic body, the earbud is good at blocking noise and stopping the sound from leaking out. There is also a wax cleaning tool in the pack to extend its life span and save you money.

Back in the day, when the iPod entered the market with its eye-catching white earphones, they were the coolest thing to see on the streets. From then on they have been updated and upgraded to meet the needs and requirements of music lovers for comfort, functionality and style. Earbuds by first-rate brand Westone and the like are now available in a wide range of colours, designs and styles to satisfy all tastes. Most importantly, they provide a comfortable custom fit and excellent sound quality and clarity at low volumes. All in the name of progress!

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