What is Pomegranate and Its Health Benefits?

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  • Published March 20, 2012
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What is pomegranate, anyway? Sized much like an orange, it has a shell that cannot be eaten and inside are cells with seed kernels inside.

Pomegranate Health Benefits

What is pomegranate, anyway? Sized much like an orange, it has a shell that cannot be eaten and inside are cells with seed kernels inside. Around each of these seed kernels, there is as juice sac, which is where pomegranate juice is extracted from. The flavor of pomegranate juice can range from pleasantly tart to very sour. Many people compare a good pomegranate flavor to a sour cherry taste. It is used to create grenadine, which is usually used in many mixed drinks at bars. Many times, plain pomegranate juice, which is consumed for pomegranate health benefits, is mixed with raspberry or blueberry juice for a better taste.

The benefits of juice of a pomegranate for health are enormous! Learning about the benefits of pomegranate has really opened my eyes to why I should be drinking antioxidant juice. One of the best pomegranate health benefits is that it is known to prevent or help with three types of cancer. Breast cancer is reduced when the pomegranate attacks cancer cells, lung cancer growth is slowed or stopped, and prostate cancer can all be either prevented or improved with the use of antioxidants juice such as pomegranate juice. For men suffering from prostate cancer, it was shown in a study that 8 ounces daily prohibited the need to do any additional traditional cancer-fighting treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Pomegranate Juice and Your Health

The benefits of pomegranate are also shown to include protecting the fetus brain if ingested during pregnancy, preventing deterioration of cartilage, protecting the arteries, and preventing Alzheimer's disease. Additional pomegranate health benefits include lowering bad cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol, lowering systolic blood pressure, and preventing plaque on the teeth. We can all certainly benefit from these incredible health benefits of pomegranate! The primary reason why pomegranate juice has blown the top off the antioxidant juices market is that it has higher levels of antioxidant properties, making it much more valuable as a health agent than other juices made of fruits.

Drinking pomegranate juice is a great way to improve your health overall, and not only that, it's convenient! Cancer prevention, heart health, dental health, and diabetes help are all great reasons to partake in the pomegranate health benefits.

There is still much studying to be done on pomegranate, but as many people testify to its benefits, it grows in popularity as more and more people continue to use it as a health aid.

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