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The angels (dpa) - Hollywood has a weakness for noble causes for animals.Last year highlighted the documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman "Born to be Wild" on orangutans and elephants orphaned, also the actor wanted part of the story based on a true story, "Dolphin Tale", about the rescue of a dolphin.It is now the actress Drew Barrymore, also Ambassador of noble causes, which seize the topic to be protagonist of Big Miracle online about the rescue of three gray whales in Alaska.The film, which premiered on February 3, is based on the book "seminar the Whales" Tom rose. This dramatic history dates back to an event that happened in 1988 at Point Barrow, Alaska, when three California gray whales trapped in an ice hole and the whole world followed closely its evolution. The news triggered a gigantic effort at the global level in order to rescue the mammals.

Adam Carlson (John Krasinski), a local reporter, and Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore), a volunteer from Greenpeace, fall in love during the fight to save the whales.

Carlson, who yearns to leave Alaska to find a better labour market, meets what could be the story of his life. A story that will captivate the whole world, but especially an oil magnate, a ruler and hundreds of journalists. However, the person who most feared this fearless journalist to Rachel, an environmentalist and his ex-girlfriend. For Full Movie watch Big Miracle online here.

In this icy border point, Adam and Rachel are forced to form an odd Alliance between the tribe of Inuit Eskimos, petroleum, and Russian and American military before it is too late to save the whales. While attempting to rescue these animals on road to extinction, reinforce clashes between several countries in cold war.

This love story, starring real-life 23 years ago Bonnie Carroll, which then worked in the White House and her husband Tom Carroll, keeps a special connection with Washington, and why its premiere will take place in the capital of the country. You should really watch Big Miracle online.

The film, based on the love story of the Carroll, impressed the own Bonnie, it contains actual details of their lives as two whales on your wedding cake. Despite the positive tone of the tape, in real life the end of this romance is tragic, because after four years of the ransom, Tom died in a plane crash along with other seven soldiers.

For its part, Bonnie, which makes extra in the scene of marriage between Adam and Rachel, said it was difficult to participate in decision-making that this Union ended in untimely manner. After his personal tragedy, Carroll decided to found the programme of assistance for survivors of tragedies called TAPS, focused on members of the military forces. So don’t miss to watch Big Miracle online without download or survey.

Universal, in charge of the distribution of the tape, take some 300 families of TAPS at the premiere of the film in Washington.

This love story coincides with the good personal time living Barrimore, since a few days ago announced that her boyfriend Will Kopelman proposed to her during the Christmas celebrations. The girl, who has a history of failed marriages, he has seen radiant lately.

It remains to be seen how will box office to this latest project of raising awareness about animals in way of extinction whose main claim is Barrymore, actress with a good stretch at the box office. Other titles of this genus are able to hardly make a striking collection. "Born to be Wild", for example, it grossed only $ 15.377.333 million and "Dolphin Tale" of Warner Brothers, came out better stop: US $ 72.188.216 million.

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