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  • Published March 31, 2012
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Nowadays, technology has taken us to different level. Everything can be done easily. In supermarkets, we see these huge bottles of vitamins that assuring someone to gain muscle and accomplish better figure. But does it really work that way? Gaining muscle mass requires much effort regardless if the market has offered a lot alternatives.

Weight lifting is known to be a great way to achieve muscle mass. It entails lifting heavy weights. As you begin the endeavor, you can try this 3 times in a week. This would give your body time to pull through and develop new muscle tissues. But take some break; it will help your muscle to grow. You must remember this equation in weight lifting: more weight=more stress= MORE MUSCLES. Dumbbells help give your body real and compound mass. You won't have to use any machines to build that muscle; dumbbells will provide you better results.

-Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass:

You know that exercise is as vital as the basic needs of human life. This offers you strength, energy and reduces stress. Also, exercise is a great way to moderate your appetite and burn calories.

What are the best exercises you should do? The so called compound exercises (Dead lifts, Squats, Military presses, Bench presses, Wide grip chin-ups, Barbell rows) can help you in your workout.


Be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. Evaluate your body needs to find out the area which needs improvement. You must first determine these areas to be able to focus your exercise routine. Next, you should set your mind in achieving the body that you wanted. Set goals that you are sure are realistic in your case. Motivate yourself that there's a need to gain muscle mass.

So, are you now ready for the workout? Don't just follow what are the magazine workouts are saying. Now, what exactly is the best thing to do to obtain your desired muscle mass? Workouts using sets which include heavy weight and low reps would be the most effective ways to enhance muscle growth. Try using rep range of 5-7 for every set.

-What your diet should be?

Along with the rigorous workout is a lot of eating. You must consume more calories compared to what you burn every single day. These calories will pave way for the growth of new muscles. But don't forget that anything in excess isn't good. Unconsumed calories will make you fat. To know the right amount of calories that you needed, follow this: 20 x your bodyweight.

Proteins are also helpful to speed up the entire process of muscle building.

You need a drive to be successful. It's a good idea to have track your progress in order to move on and achieve the muscle mass you wish to have. The endeavor will not be as easy as buying dietary supplements but what matters most is the satisfaction you can earn out of working out.

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