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  • Published April 10, 2012
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In the modern-day world, the need to look great and healthy is more than ever before. Contradicting the earlier belief that men are far more fascinating when they look rugged, today's men like to groom themselves and look more exciting. Today everyone wishes to look more fit and younger. Skin plays the largest role in making clear the age of an individual. If the skin appears dreary, saggy and wrinkled, it can make even a teenager look like a 40 years old! Anti age foods help you fight these symptoms of ageing.

Environmental factors like climate, pollution, skin products, water consumption, and sleep also has major impact on the skin. "What we eat makes what we are" is a really true statement. The food groups we eat make gigantic impact not only on our skin but also on our overall health. In our busy lives today, we seldom eat anything nutritious and healthy. We prefer to eat junk food which are prepared swiftly and easily and taste good at the same time. Though these foods fill our stomachs, they don't supply our bodies with the essential nutriments and minerals. Here is where anti oxidant food acts like a blessing so helping to push anti-aging of cells in our bodies. Shall we first know how they do it.

Due to the natural chemical reactions occurring in our bodies, oxidants are continually released. These oxidants lead straight to the production of oxidising agents, which are quite unbalanced in nature. These molecules can in turn cause lots of damage to the cells in the body, resulting in severe sicknesses like heart issues, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's illness, Parkinson's disease and even cancer. Due to our bad eating habits, unhealthy way of living and environmental factors like pollution, free radical compounds collect in our bodies. Due to their reactive nature, they start destroying cells in our bodies. Gradually, they take over the cells properties, leading them to reproduce swiftly. This leads directly to more wear in the body, making the body unhealthy and triggering getting older.

Results of anti oxidants on anti aging process

Though our body produces certain amount of anti oxidants on its own as a survival process, the quantity is not sufficient for the amount of oxidizing compounds that are made. Today, many of us are putting constant attempts to have healthy diets and health habits to bypass the diseases mentioned above. Getting a good body is one of the finest methods to anti aging of skin. If the optimum amount of anti oxidants is present in the body, they can slower the method of ageing of the cells, resulting in more healthy body and glowing, fresh skin! Anti oxidants are found in large quantities in fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown organically. Since they're free from dangerous results of chemicals, the nutrient elements in these foods remain intact. This helps to provide the perfect amount of nutriments to our body. Some of the examples of anti oxidants are lipoic acid, lutein, flavonoids, vitamin C and E, and several others. There are many antioxidants that are found in dietary additions too.

Role of organic supplements

It's true that these days there are a few options and remedies available for anti-aging. On the other side, many of them have severe after effects. Treatments like Botox, hormonal injections, surgeries and so on can improve the looks of somebody for one or two years but typically have other complications. That's the reason doctors recommend to adopt gentle processes than these methods that have an effect on the natural course of our body exceedingly. Some of you could be pleased you have been taking vitamin tablets for a bit now and that should help to promote anti age in your body cells. Let me warn you that you shouldn't get super excited! The majority of the vitamins sold in medical shops and self service stores are synthetic and will have their own side-effects. Organic additions are richer in vitamins and minerals, and provide a lot more benefits. An important advantage of organic supplements is its slow release. While man-made foods are highly reactive and do not give sufficient time to body to soak up all the nutriments, organic supplements work slow aiding slow absorption of all the nutrient elements they contain.


Mankind has always desired to find ways that promotes anti-aging process in the body. Now, this is possible by the utilization of organic anti-oxidant food supplements. So , now it's possible to get a healthy, gorgeous skin without any complications.

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