The Post Workout Meal - What You Should Eat After Your Workout

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  • Published April 9, 2012
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Many people perform regular workouts but ignore the importance of having a post workout meal. After our workout is over, we need to provide immediate supply of nutrients to our body. The enzymes that are boosted due to workouts are more active in the first few hours after the workout is over.

Post workout meal is necessary to provide within 30 to 60 minutes after your exercises are finished. There are several types of food items that can be consumed after the workouts. Some of the highly nutritional foods which are beneficial for our health after workouts are provided as follows.

Important foods to be included in our post workout meal

  1. Eggs - Protein supplement is really essential after workout is over. As we all know that eggs are the rich in terms of proteins. You can make several eggs related food items that can be consumed immediately after your workouts. You can scramble 2-4 egg whites and eat them with whole-wheat bread along with fresh fruits. Egg omelet is also an excellent choice for post workout meal. You can use butter flavoured cooking spray, diced onions, low sodium ham, tomatoes, fat free shredded cheese to prepare egg omelet along with eggs. This can be a super protein rich meal after your workouts are finished.

  2. Prepare sandwiches - Sandwiches are easy to prepare and they can be excellent source of different types of nutrients for post workout meal. Sandwiches made up of lean meats like chicken and turkey are very good for muscle repair process after workouts. You can also add fresh vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes which are rich sources of vitamin C and provide our body the much needed freshness.

The use of wheat and whole-grain bread can provide the required fiber and carbohydrates for our body. Rice and pasta are other two items that can also provide simple carbohydrates for our body after workouts. These foods can help to quickly replenish the lost glycogen during the workouts. It is essential to consume these foods quickly after your workouts and it is also important to eat at least one gram of carbohydrates for every 2 pounds of our body weight.

  1. Include nuts and granola - Nuts and granola are the rich sources of iron and fiber. They can be easily kept in our bags and can be consumed comfortably after our workouts. Nuts and dry fruits are rich in terms of iron. Iron is an essential nutritional element that helps our red blood cells to keep healthy all the time. Granola is an important food that maintains and normalizes our digestive process and provides fiber to the body. Granola is also rich in terms of simple carbohydrates and nuts provide good amount of healthy fat to the body. A good mixture of granola and nuts along with protein rich food can be an excellent post workout meal.

Thus for an ideal post workout meal, we need a sufficient mixture of foods that can provide enough proteins, vitamins, iron, fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Use all the above foods after your workouts and you can quickly regain the strength as well as replenish your nutrients rapidly.

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