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  • Published April 14, 2012
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Why Hire an Interior Plantscaper?

Before the 1970's no one really new what an interior plantscaper was let alone hire one. Usually a secretary or some other unfortunate person in an office would be delegated the task of caring for the rubber tree or snake plant in the bosses office. Most office workers had no knowledge of plants let alone want to care for them. As the plants became unsightly they would move them from the lobbies into the back offices and eventually to the back door where they would end up in the dumpster. Only higher end hotels and businesses would hire an outdoor landscaper to care for indoor plants. Outdoor landscaper not equipped with the specialized knowledge of indoor plants would plant them directly into pottery not understanding aeration , drainage and pest issues of indoor plants and treat them like outdoor plants usually with disastrous and disappointing results.

Coming of age of the Interior Plantscaper

Folks good with plants started to see a business trend few noticed, of caring for indoor plants for a fee on an on-going basis, not unlike outdoor landscapers.

The coined phrase "Green Thumb" started to refer more and more to a person having the ability or knack of keeping indoor plants looking great. It wasn't always because they had a horticultural degree or some magical touch, but an innate ability to observe and relate to the needs of plants. Some folks could smother plants to death others would completely ignore them and then wonder why their plants weren't doing very well. They referred to themselves as "Brown Thumbs".

The vast majority of interior plantscapers love plants and do not have a horticultural degree nor do they need one. A natural "Green Thumb" will do just as well at maintaining plants for the long term as any horticultural degree student. Nonetheless acquired specialized knowledge of plants, fertilizers, pest control, lighting issues, drainage and aeration, humidity, local climates, traffic flows, design issues, pets, business practices, human resources, legal issues, liability insurance, laws and regulations all play paramount on whether an interior plantscaper is going to be successful or not.

Just as companies hire outside vendors and contractors for just about everything, the interior plantscaper found a niche market with a very appreciative clientele. An office or home could have beautiful tropical plants and containers with regular scheduled visits and guaranteed maintenance programs. It became a "no brainer" for businesses.

The secretary could go back to what he/she did best, The boss lost his rubber tree for a more modern tropical look and all was well with the world and greener.

Interior plantscapers liked to brand themselves with many new and vogue names such as: indoor plant care specialist, indoor landscapers, plant techs, indoor plant maintenance, office plant specialist, "the plant care team," commercial indoor landscapers and the list goes on..

Many times while in the field people will approach us and say: " Oh I'd love to be doing what you're doing, taking care of plants. We smile and realize the great business it has turned into. More and more companies and homeowners are realizing the value that plants bring and the relief that comes knowing companies are around who will take the stress out of caring for plants.

Breathe Easier With Indoor Plants

Plants obviously do very well at cleaning the air that we breath. One 5' plant and a couple 6" plants in a 10X10' room can clean the air of pollutants and many other toxins in 24 hours. What better way then use nature at what it does best, to help you breath cleaner and fresher air and do the dirty work of filtering out benzene, formaldehyde and many other pollutants that exist in our sealed tight homes and offices. It's a good selling point for plants not just for their esthetic value, but also environmental and health concerns.

So next time you're out and about and see a "plant tech", cleaning, polishing, fertilizing and watering natures plants say thanks for making the world a healthier and greener place for all to enjoy!

After 28 years of servicing 100's of businesses in Phoenix with interior plants, we are happy to provide you with beautiful indoor tropical plants. Visit us at songbirdplants.com for plant services and to setup an appointment to visit your home or office.

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