Why Corrugated Boxes Are The Best Choice

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  • Published April 13, 2012
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Whether you are a manufacturing company or an individual, corrugated boxes are clearly the best choice. Corrugated boxes have a pleated design of thick paperboard sandwiched between more paperboard. The air in-between the pleats act as a cushion. They are strong and durable and the best choice for shipping, moving, or storage. They come in various sizes, and when it comes to moving boxes, there is a wide variety of specialty boxes.

For manufacturing boxes, the size is designed specifically for the contents. The inside may have cardboard inserts to hold the items in place. For example, the shape of a shampoo bottle is a major consideration and will dictate the configuration and number of inserts inside the box. They will rearrange the bottles getting them into a position that will maximize the space inside the box; therefore using fewer boxes and saving money.

For individuals, there is an array of moving boxes designed for specific needs. Some of those types are mentioned here.

Wardrobe Box – This box is tall with a flap that opens to reveal a rod to hang your clothes on. This is great for saving time both packing and unpacking. And as a bonus you won’t have to iron out any wrinkles! It’s also great for bulky, lightweight items like comforters and pillows.

Kitchen Box – This box has inserts to stack glassware, coffee mugs or teacups, and has divided sections for plates. You can also buy foam sleeves to put plates in for extra cushion.

Flat Screen TV Box – This box contains a large bag to completely protect the unit from scratches and has inner column supports, with die cut PE foam, which both hold and suspend the console.

Mirror or Picture Frame Box – Most of these will wrap around conforming to the frame size. You won’t need this if it’s a short move, but for the long haul it’s a must have.

To save money the contents of the box should match the size of the box to be filled. To keep the contents safe from damage or breakage, the box should be full. If there is space left in the box, items can shift or move and increase the chances for damage. Fill any remaining room left with Styrofoam peanuts or plastic air filled bags.

Don’t forget cellophane wrap. It is the best invention for keeping drawers shut on dressers and it helps resist scratching. It can be used for sofas and chairs to hold in cushions and keep them clean from dust, dirt, and sweat.

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