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  • Author Evangeline Jefferson
  • Published April 27, 2012
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There are technological job opportunities available for

individuals that gain skill sets from attending an audio production school. Most schools teach the same basics,

but various programs will have slightly different focus from one another. It doesn't matter if you wish to work in

the animation or gaming industry, or audio production there is most likely a program out there to fit your needs.

If you

have a great ear for sound then you are probably a great candidate for an audio production career. Once you

complete an audio production program, you can utilize your acquired skills in various areas. However, you will

still need to have great drive and a deep desire if you want to reach top level positions.

Obtaining a degree from an audio production

school will open the door to job opportunities in the fast-paced environments of music, television, film and

various multimedia industries. The career opportunities may range from audio engineers and sound designers, to

mixers and boom operators. You can put your skills to use in Hollywood or right at home at a local television or

radio station.

Obviously, you want the best school out

there if you have decided to go to an audio production school. What separates the good ones from the best ones?

In a good school, you will learn about the history of audio and you will go to classes that teach you the

technology used in the industry. The better schools will give you hands on experience with state of the art


The top schools will most likely have smaller class sizes. This lends itself to the opportunity for more personal

attention to be paid to each student. You will also find that the best schools secure teachers that typically work

as professionals in the sound and recording industry. As a student, you will benefit from the knowledge and

expertise in the field.

Nashville, Tennessee holds the heart of country

music. This city offers several different audio production programs, but one of the more well-known can be found

at Belmont University. After you receive your degree, you will be in the heart of a town filled with job

opportunities for your skill set.

If you prefer the west coast with its sunny skies, you might want to consider the Musicians

Institute in Hollywood, California. With a 60,000 square foot facility, you will have the opportunity to work on

your audio production skills in their program. Once again, you will be in the heart of an area that provides job

opportunities to work in your chosen field.

Even if you aren't in Nashville or Hollywood, there should still be an audio production school in

your area that will meet your needs. Look into the programs offered through your local universities or technical

schools. Just keep in mind that you want to match the program with your desired career path.

I'm a musician with a passion for writing about the best schools for audio production. Visit to learn more.

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