Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

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  • Author Chery Schmidt
  • Published May 11, 2012
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Today I am going to start out by asking you just 2 questions. What is stopping you from

reaching your goals in life? Is it Fear of Failure or is it Fear of Success? Now you are probably thinking, are these not the same thing? "HUM" Let’s go over them both here for you.

Let’s start with Fear of Failure, this is the type of person that is afraid to try new things because he or she is afraid of rejection, they do not have the belief that they can actually achieve any amount of success. Therefore they do not try anything new and just travel down the same old road they are on.

Now let’s go over Fear of Success, this is the type of person who buys informational products, studies the leaders in the industry, attend events, webinars, training calls, they may even hire a trainer or mentor to help them learn a new skill. But when it comes time to implementing what they have learned, they just don’t take action.

This is procrastination, the Biggest Killer of Success. This type of person believes that they can achieve their goals but today is just not the day to do it. They continually put things off, this may have to do with their belief or perhaps they are just afraid of the desired results. There is always something else that takes top priority-Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?

It may also be that they are a perfectionist, this is very similar to procrastinating, things do get done, but you really never push forward, because things just aren’t quite up to your standards. No matter how many hours you put in on a project, you truly believe that the end result should and can be better.

It is time that you quit settling for less than you deserve, you need to change that broken mind-set and start taking action towards your goals. You are not afraid Failure, you will become Successful!

Do you know what your desired goal is? Successful people a vision of exactly what they want to do, and that vision carries them over every obstacle. The better, the clearer our goal is the more real it becomes to us. Go ahead and write these things down on paper, perhaps adding pictures will help to bring forth your desired results.

Start with one goal at first, this is very important, many people make this mistake they set to high of expectations and therefore confusion sets in and they get off track and once again no results.

Action is your biggest asset, if you mess up, pour it on harder and make it better the second time around, this will lead you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of fear of failures. Discomfort always preceeds growth, so get out of your comfort zone and take action, starting today.

The next step is to find yourself a mentor and a training program, once this is in place you will surely be on your way to reaching your desired goal. Quit getting ready to get ready, time to take action.

Congratulate and reward yourself for even the smallest victories along the way, you are the now unstoppable and are now ready to get yourself on the road to success. You no longer have either the Fear of Failure or the Fear of Success.

Now go and share this with the world! This will also help to keep yourself accountable for reaching your destiny! Play Big-Take Action!

Are you having problems getting started? Head on over to my website http://www.cherysonlinegameplan.com/welcome/?t=artbizFear Sign in to get a copy of my free report, to get your goals and vision clear so you can create your game plan. Step #2 I’ll introduce you to my personal mentor. And, he will show you how to successfully start and run an online business by following a very focused training program.

Dedicated to Your Success


Chery Schmidt

Love What You Do & Do What You Love

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