The V.I.P. Payment Program Offers A Win-Win Solution To Financing Barriers

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  • Published May 7, 2012
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American businesses now have a way to recapture lost sales from credit challenged consumers that were locked out of the market for the goods and services they always took for granted in the past with an interest-free, no credit check way to pay.

Marketing Solutions (Press Release) - Mar 19, 2012 -

Many organizations of various size and scope, throughout the retail and service industries, have struggled for years trying to figure out new ways to attract buyers of their goods and services. It doesn't help that credit issuing banks and credit card companies seem more bent on disqualifying potential buyers than accommodating them.

Millions of Americans that have reliable income sources and make their payments on time have been locked out of the marketplace by having their credit limits and credit scores lowered by these same financial institutions that then use these lower scores to deny eligibility for loans.

In this economy every business owner is looking to create more traffic, sales and profits, and some wonder if any amount of advertising will get them the traffic crucial to their business growth. Most businesses are still using antiquated methods that no longer work to get clients to choose them over their competitors. The V.I.P. Payment Program solves these issues for both the consumer and merchant.

This consumer payment program that has gained popularity among merchants and medical service providers nationwide is also an effective marketing strategy that is the outgrowth of a 90 Day No Credit Check No Interest payment option that merchants and service providers are discovering increases their traffic, sales and profits in a relatively short time.

The plan has changed the entire game when it comes to retail consumer funding with the advent of electronic bank transfer of customer payments combined with the age old practice of outdoor banner advertising

The V.I.P. Payment Plan is poised to become the fastest growing payment alternative in the marketplace since the advent of credit cards. But credit cards have no role to play in this program. There are no checks to write either. The application and approval process is unbelievably easy and fast and occurs in less than 5 minutes right on the provider’s computer.

The V.I.P. Payment Plan is similar to layaway except the consumer gets what they want or need today with 90 days to pay – interest free. Nearly every applicant is approved because there is no Credit Bureau inquiry.

The program originators have formulated a unique and valuable understanding of the different payment options available to the buying public, and the increasing tightening of qualifying requirements by the banks and credit card companies, including higher credit scores and lowered credit card limits.

This innovative program combines a state-of-the-art, leading edge payment solution with a simple marketing process that is routinely getting its clients increases in traffic, sales and profits within a relatively short period of time by providing a way for credit challenged consumers to buy.

The program enables the business to accept the customers promise to make weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments over a 90 day period. Again, no down payment is required, and no interest is charged.

Once approved, the program then holds the customer to their promise to pay by securing pre-authorization to withdraw the payment from the customer’s bank account as payments come due, and depositing the funds into the merchant’s account like clockwork.

Instead of a high interest rate, the consumer pays a small "convenience fee" that is added to each payment and transferred to the merchant. This offsets the merchants’ cost of the program. The net cost to the merchant is zero and funds are guaranteed by the V.I.P. Payment Program. The cost to both business and consumer are a fraction of conventional financing or credit card transactions.

The V.I.P. Payment Plan is enrolling companies across the U.S. that are experiencing increases in revenues and fewer credit declines. Marketing is key to the program's success, for even if you give your product or service away, nobody will bother to enter your establishment if they don't think they can afford to buy what you’re selling.

The marketing strategy consists of the simple practice of displaying a colorful, eye-catching banner that announces to the world that you offer something unique that your customers need and your competitor does not offer.

This marketing campaign is simple, the payment plan itself, and advertising it to the public by banner advertising, combine to attract buyers to their client's locations and separates V.I.P. Payment Plan merchants from the pack.

By facilitating the purchase, The V.I.P. Payment Plan has created a whole new market for its merchant clients. Actually, the buyers were there all along, they were just being denied fair access to the marketplace by unfair restrictions on their ability to qualify for credit. The V.I.P. Payment Plan invites the credit-challenged consumer back into the marketplace, by providing them with a way to pay that they can afford and qualify for.

So instead of going hunting for customers, V.I.P. Payment Plan merchants and service providers advertise this alternative payment program making them more visible to customers who are hunting for them.

This program creates value for their clients by putting these alternative payment options front and center so that potential customers know who to turn to when they need a particular product or service and are out of payment options.

In this challenging marketplace, business owners now have a program in place to capture those sales lost when the consumer doesn’t have the entire purchase price in cash and has a problem passing a credit bureau inquiry.

​​The customer gets what they need when they need it, and the merchant gets a customer they otherwise couldn’t serve without the V.I.P. Payment Program. Any down payment is optional - the merchant decides, and the best part for the merchant is, he or she doesn't have to cut the price to make the sale - they can hold firm at full retail!

Enrollment in the program is fast and easy for the business and they can offer the program to their customer/patient within an hour of enrollment in most cases.

JG McVicar is a managing partner and CEO of SCS, Inc.,responsible for marketing the VIP Payment Program.


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