Why Replace Commercial Brands With Natural Anti Aging Products?

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  • Published May 24, 2012
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Studies have shown that natural anti aging products are much better and friendly to human body compared to some commercial brands. However, it doesn’t mean that these commercial brands are not working; it’s just that, some commercial brands have active ingredients that are not safe to someone’s health.

The Worst Ingredients Used in Commercial Brands

There are two common ingredients that can be found in anti-aging products that aren’t good; dioxane and mineral oil. Mineral oil is known as petroleum or paraffin wax and it is often found in these products. A lot of manufacturers are using mineral oil because the price is quite cheaper. But the bad thing is, mineral oil prevents the skin from breathing; it smothers the skin pores and in effect, the toxins will start to build up; and later on, it will lead to acne breakouts. Mineral oil also makes the skin dry; and using it for a long period would cause premature aging.

The other one is dioxane; it is known as synthetic derivative of coconut palm. You may think that it is safe and healthy because it came from coconut but it is not good actually. A medical study proved that dioxane is a chemical that can cause cancer.

So if you want to try natural anti aging products, check if these ingredients are present or not. There are other ingredients that may cause irritation to the skin and may increase the risk of hormonal issues as well as cancer; these ingredients include the following: fragrances, parabens, ureas and sulfates. But most natural anti aging products do not contain any of these harmful ingredients.

Benefits of Natural Anti-Aging Products

Using these products have more safe benefits compared to commercial products. The safe ingredients can provide effective results and it is more effective. Scientific studies have shown that a lot of natural anti-aging products such as HGH supplements are proven effective on the skin. In fact, a lot of HGH supplements work best compared to store-brand products. Dietary HGH supplements are rich in antioxidants; it stimulates and strengthens the immune system, also HGH supplements help in stimulating the pituitary glands.

What You Should Look For in Natural Anti-Aging Products?

The ingredients used in these products have different duties. Here are few examples:

• Vitamin E – helps in preventing and reducing wrinkles.

• Grape Seed – improves the skin health and reduces stretch marks and wrinkles.

• Coenzyme Q10 – can also reduce and prevent wrinkles.

• Active Manuka honey, Cynergy TK – these elements are good in strengthening the immune system.

Since it is very important to hydrate the skin, especially the outer tissue cells; here are the other ingredients that are considered to be beneficial - crodamol op, natural vitamin E, olivem 800, and maracuja. These ingredients can rejuvenate and hydrate someone’s skin.

Just bear in mind that, the point of natural anti aging or even commercial brands is to reduce if not eliminate the signs of "aging". If you want to get rid of cancer or other unwanted side effects, make sure you use natural anti-aging products and supplements, to make sure that you only get the best for your skin.

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