A Small Insight To Probiotics

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  • Author Stuart Lewins
  • Published June 2, 2012
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With heavy advertising over the last few years most of us seem to know a little something about "good bacteria" known as probiotics that resides in our stomachs.

Nowadays over two million of us in the UK digest these probiotics in some form or another by means of yoghurts, drinks, powders and capsules.

Scientists have now accepted some of these big claims that probiotics do help in fighting off these bad bacteria that live in our gut and indeed assist to improve the health of our intestines.

Research of late now points that probiotics may be beneficial beyond the gut for example type 1 diabetes and fibromyalgia. In fact early research of probiotics could help assist in weight loss.

So how about something that prevents dental cavities, or maybe something for your sore throat, a nasal spray perhaps or even some deodorant for the bacteria that cause body odour. Well it could happen because scientists are trying to do just this right now, yes aiming probiotics at specific ailments.

That's not all either, as there is talk of probiotic vaccinations and even cleaning products for use around your own home. It seems that you are only limited by your imagination.

So what exactly are these gut bacteria?

We all have bacteria living in our bodies but mostly within our intestines. We do have some good bacteria here in our gut but it's the bad ones that do in time cause you harm. They lay dormant inside until something triggers them off, which is when they multiply and cause serious health issues to us.

Good bacteria also known as "friendly flora" are definitely our friends as they help fight off the bad bacteria. The bad bacteria could be at least partly to blame for bloating and noxious wind. Also bad breath, constipation, some allergies, colds and flu, the list goes on.

Anyhow there is a huge amount of information available and it's up to you to decide if it's good or bad data. As is what you may decide what to do about it, but we do know that probiotics good and bad are in our bodies. So are you going to do anything about it.

For me the decision was fairly easy, the yoghurts I found expensive as are the drinks and if you are lactose intolerant then that avenue has closed for you. The powders for me didn't cut it because quite frankly I couldn't be bothered. So the best option I found for myself was to buy the capsules. I take mine first thing in the morning and as a bonus I know what's in them as they as produced under strict guides, also it does seem to work out cheaper. Just to note I do not appear to have as many colds these days.

I hope all this you found informative and perhaps something to think about.

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