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  • Author Richard Towey
  • Published May 27, 2012
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Thanks to innovations in technology, finding things to do during travels or periods of rest is never hard. Audio books have long been a standard for owners of portable media players and parents looking to take the edge off a long car trip, but compact disc is often the format of choice. In the comfort of your own home the situation could be different, but the majority of people could do without the hassle that comes with playing physical media. Music has virtually made the switch over to download, with sales continuing to side with digital versions and, for someone on the move, digital audio books are the way forward.

Putting a recording onto a few compact discs used to be the easiest way to listen to book readings due to the vast quantity of content and the portability of a CD over the cassette. However, for CD users, carrying around four disks has still never been a practical way of listening to audio. This is discounting the process of having to switch over every 50 minutes or so to listen to the next chapter; a task in itself during a walk or stand-up bus journey. However all of the cons that used to put those loyal to the hard copy off audio books are gone with the download.

When going about acquiring an audio book, the process couldn't be easier. The days of having to trek down to the local book or record store to get a latest release or search for something that takes your fancy are long gone, largely down to the practicality of the download. With fingertip-browsing available on websites to scan through the latest releases, classics and genres, there's no need for you to get out of your seat. If you didn't find what you're looking for, you can check back on a later date. At least a trip hasn't been wasted.

When you've selected what you want, take a couple of minutes to create an account and from then you'll be ready to start to downloading. With only a few details required for log in, shopping for downloads is almost like being in a record store when you want, loading your basket and enjoying the purchases at the same time as you please. In addition to this, audio books download at near CD quality; adding to the convenience.

As far as the technology that plays them goes, MP3 players couldn't be simpler to use. Changing batteries and taking strides at an even pace to avoid skipping on a non-shock proof player are a thing of the past. Portable players feature anti-skip as standard, more than enough room to build up a good collection of favourites and few buttons - ensuring easy playback for people of all ages. So, if it suits, make the switch over to download the easiest of your life.

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