Cold Chisel Plan New Album, Their First in 14 Years

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  • Author Angela Ubias
  • Published June 8, 2012
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Cold Chisel has been on again, off again, like a troubled serialized drama romance of the "Will They Won’t They" Caliber. But Cold Chisel’s musical quality has been superbly consistent. Though their soft rock sensibilities remain largely constrained to the New Zealand and Australian regions, their popularly in the area has hardly wavered. Fans should be ecstatic to hear Cold Chisel’s release No Plans, due April 6, 2012.

The bulk of the album was recorded in 2010-2011 scattered about varying different sessions. Front man Jimmy Barnes, in interviewing on the album itself said "The last two years have reminded all of us that sometimes life deals up things you don’t expect. You can’t take anything or anyone for granted. Sometimes it’s best to have no plans."

The record barely came to fruition. The band’s highly touted long-term drummer, Steve Prestwich, passed away early 2011 from a brain tumor. This left the group devastated and considering shelving the entire project. "I don't think another Cold Chisel album has ever been destined," says the groups’ keyboardist, Don Walker. Yet the record did come to life and is expected to be a continuation of their craft following the enormous success of their 1998 LP, The Last Wave of Summer. The band managed to replace the drummer, and even used Prestwich’s vocals and contributions on the album.

Surprisingly, the group has few plans outside a few festival dates. According to Walker, "Cold Chisel won't play for a while afterwards but probably not seven or ten years like last time."

Following in line with their No Plans aura, the group truly leaves things open to many possibilities in the future.

The track listing of No Plans consists of 13 new tracks, the majority of them being produced by Kevin Shirley.

  1. No Plans

  2. Everybody

  3. All For You

  4. HQ454 Monroe

  5. Dead And Laid To Rest

  6. Missing a Girl

  7. Too Late

  8. I Gotta Get Back On The Road

  9. Our Old Flame

  10. This Day

  11. Summer Moon

  12. The Horizon

  13. I Got Things To Do

The group plans a few festival dates, and with no concrete plans for the future, this may very well be the last time you can catch Cold Chisel before a seemingly probable hiatus- again.

April 5 - Bluesfest, Byron Bay

April 7 - Sandalford Estate, Perth

April 12 - Festival Hall, Melbourne

April 18 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

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