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  • Author Jill Ferguson
  • Published June 5, 2012
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I must admit that when I first heard about how the loss of the earth’s magnetic fields affected my health and I was skeptical to say the least. So I started to do some research on the subject and found out that the earth has been losing its magnetic fields for the last 4,000 years and this was impacting my health negatively. You see, I was always getting migraine headaches and my whole body would hurt and I didn’t know why. I tried everything including medication and self-help books but nothing seemed to work. And then I found some interesting research about how a UCLA researcher, Valerie Hunt, Ph.D., investigated the phenomenon of magnetic deficiency syndrome.

She had a cage built out of Mu metal and then she had two people enter the cage for observation. The important thing about Mu metal is that it’ll cancel out magnetic fields of the magnitude of the earth's magnetic field and even the electromagnetic pollution that’s all around us. After these two individuals were placed in the cage they were hooked up to devices to measure the effects on their bodies. In just a few minutes they began to cry uncontrollably and declared that they couldn’t take it anymore. Then they started to lose body coordination and they had to remove them from the cage before anything else happened to them. I’ve also read that NASA announced that within the next 800 years, we will have no more magnetic fields! Now it started to all make sense.

It wasn’t me but the decrease in the earth’s magnetic fields that was causing me to feel this way. When magnetism is used properly correctly our bodies can gain energy from it. When it’s used incorrectly the opposite happens. That’s when I discovered a revolutionary sleep technology from Japan. The Japanese created a sleep pad that uses small magnets which act like acupuncture that uses a reversing magnetic field. By using a proper unidirectional magnetic sleep pad you’re able to enhance the earth's magnetic field.

By sleeping on these magnetic pads you can build up your body’s overall vitality by placing yourself in a unidirectional field with the same polarity as the earth. The pad will cause the molecules in your body to be more active, helping you heal faster and feel better. In fact I heard that Most of the Canadian decathlon team that were on these magnetic beds reported that they had experienced up to four times increased speed of healing. Wow! I was sold for life. Since I’ve been sleeping on magnetic pads, I feel healthier and the arthritis and migraines have gone away. I even bring my pads with me when I travel. Now I spend all of my time helping others discover this wonderful technology for themselves. I love my life!

After 31 years in the public service and experiencing my own personal health challenges, I decided that it was time to make a healthy change. I am now an independent consultant for a Japanese company that is introducing this revolutionary sleep technology that corrects magnetic deficiency syndrome and physical ailments such as arthritis to North America.

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