Grand Illusion of Tomorrow

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  • Author Julie Ross
  • Published June 6, 2012
  • Word count 697

Grand Illusion of Tomorrow

... is a tragic, romantic, and educational novel. It is a modern love story based on real events and experiences, which brings laughter and tears to the reader. Some parts of this novel will bring chills to the reader, while other parts will startle the reader so much that they tremble. But at the end of the story, the reader will find joy, happiness and peace, as well as a sense of relief and rejoice of having experienced through this literary work, the events of several individuals striving to find something that we as humans desperately seek--happiness!

The novel is based on real life events. The names of the characters are fictitious and many events are fantasy, accompanied by imagination.

This story begins in a village near Madrid, Spain. Sunita Franco comes from an exemplary family and lives a peaceful and happy life.

She has just finished her university studies and is preparing to start a career.

Sunita’s father surprises her with a very special job that he found for her in California through a colleague. Traveling to the United States has been the dream of her life. The company has given her a few months to prepare and improve her English language skills. Therefore, she goes back to the University of Madrid to study the English language. While at the University, Sunita unwittingly meets her Prince Charming - Ronnie Waddell. An architect by profession, Ronnie was born in Chicago and is completing his Master’s Degree in Madrid.

They fall madly in love with each other but, in the end, Sunita knows that she cannot change the course of her destiny and is obligated to keep her promise of working in California. So, painfully, she is separated from Ronnie and travels to Los Angeles to start her new career and a new life.

Years later and by incredible coincidence and circumstances, destiny unites Sunita and Ronnie again. Their love and desire are as alive and as passionate as when they first met. Together, they strive with all their might to never be separated, but destiny divides them again. In despair and not knowing what has become of Ronnie, she finds comfort and solace writing about the life she had once with him. Sunita writes of her life, her passions, joys, and despair in a book, and with the help of a neighbor, the book makes her rich and famous.

Meanwhile, Ronnie has been living a life of silence and oblivion in Chicago, trying to overcome his destroyed emotional state. One day, out of curiosity, he discovers information about Sunita and her book. Ronnie devours the book. Every word he reads is like an arrow plunging into his heart and bolts of lightning shooting through his mind. The memories become vivid and consume him with grief and loss.

Ronnie seeks her out in desperation and, when he finally finds her, Sunita’s circumstances are very different. This encounter is brutal and unexpected. Sunita finds it very difficult as her fragile emotions had been destroyed over the years. She had not known how to manage her despair and loss. Helped by friends, family, and professional assistance, Sunita gathered enough strength to forget, overcome, and confront the situation.

When she feels ready to recapture her past and begin a new life, Sunita prepares for their reunion. This reunion will be extraordinary because, this time, she has an incredible surprise awaiting him.

Sunita’s reunion with Ronnie is sensational. The manner in which she communicated and presented him with the surprise was amazing and touching. The energy that this chapter brings is compelling and powerful for both the mind and the heart. This is the ultimate conquest of love over all obstacles. The reader will be captivated and overwhelmed with the excitement and joy that this chapter brings them.

The end of the story has some unexpected outcomes. It's fantastic, amazing, exciting and powerful.

The lesson to be learned is that perseverance and hope help love survive.

The reader will feel a profound difference within their own lives as they will realize that happiness does exist, and that with a little help… it can be found!

Julieta Silva A, best known as Julie S. Ross, currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband and her son.

For several years, Julie lived in Madrid, Spain where she mastered the art of experimental philosophy.

Years later, Julie relocated to the United States where she received her MBA, PhD in Business Administration from the California Coast University.

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