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  • Published June 12, 2012
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What is hoodia gordonii P57? Hoodia gordonii is an extract derived from the succulent, prickly, leafless hoodia gordonni plant. Indigenous peoples in the southern regions of Africa have long known about the medicinal properties and health benefits of the plant, and have used it for treating ailments such as infection and digestion. However, the meat of the plant has been primarily used over the centuries as a highly effective appetite suppressant, enabling people to embark on long hunting trips into the desert without needing to eat.

It was back in 1977 that scientists in South Africa first isolated the vital ingredient in the hoodia herb which brings about this powerful appetite-suppressing effect. This ingredient was named P57 and many scientists are excited about the potential of this supplement as an aid to weight loss. In a study using rats at Brown's Medical School in the United States, scientists injected purified P57 into the central nervous systems of the rats. The study demonstrated that following administration of P57, subsequent food intake in the following 24 hours dropped between 40 and 60%. Obesity has become a major health problem for Western populations such as those of the United States, the UK and Europe, and is now spreading to nations such as India and China. Numerous diet pills and aids have been developed in an attempt to combat this crisis, but few have been shown to be effective in reducing appetite or contributing to weight loss. Therefore, hoodia has quickly become one of the hottest trends in diet pills. Prominent promoters such as former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith have endorsed hoodia as a way to to lose weight quickly and painlessly. Smith claimed that she lost a total of 70 pounds using hoodia diet supplements. Hoodia gordonni P57 has been licensed for use in diet supplements by the FDA. Many hoodii gordonii reviews show that most people using this supplement experience great results.

Many companies now offer supplements which capitalize on the appetite suppressing effect of hoodia, offering consumers remedies which can reduce blood pressure and appetite. Products include diet teas, tinctures, coffees, protein shakes, diet food bars, capsules, tablets and others. While hoodia was previously sold by less than legitimate distributors, today manufacturers are growing more responsible with their research, development and testing. However, the effects of hoodia have not been conclusively proven by scientific study, and some users of the drug have found it to be of limited use – it appears that the benefits of hoodia vary greatly between individuals. However, hoodia gordonii P57 has performed well in clinical trials by Phytopharm using 18 human subjects – the supplement reduced caloric intake by an average of 1000 calories in a 24 hour period. The mechanism of hoodia gordonii is that it contains a molecule which fools the brain into believing that the subject feels full.

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