Effective Treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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  • Author Margaret Le Monnier
  • Published June 14, 2012
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Patients with irritable bowel syndrome can sometimes experience a huge deal of discomfort. In treating IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, there are various ways by which you can ease the condition. The most effective treatments are as follows:

  1. Reduce your stress.

One of the best ways to aid irritable bowel syndrome is to lessen the stress in your life. Stress can never be totally alleviated because as long as you live, challenges are always going to be a constant every day issue. Thus, these daily challenges can contribute to your stress levels, but by how much is up to you. However, you can maintain and control it, by changing the way you react to stress. Whatever factor or factors that cause you stress, remember it can aggravate the IBS symptoms.

Firstly, you have to identify the cause of your stress. Examine carefully what aspect of your life causes you too much anxiety and from there, find a way to reduce the tension. Remember that the level of your stress can greatly affect your health. There are stress-causing situations that are not worth the anxiety. You may not realise it at this moment, but any of the stressful situations, are all things that are under your control. It is not the situation that is stressful it is how you deal with any stress from the problem. It’s your attitude to the position that you have been put in and how you perceive these times in your life.

Undertake some useful measures to lessen your stress. You may try attending yoga sessions or find a form of meditation that will suit you. You may also relieve stress by doing regular exercise. Exercise can help you not just in reducing stress but also in maintaining a healthy body. Take a vacation with your family and friends. This will help you relax and rejuvenate. Aromatherapy can also help you to lessen any stress. The massage therapist will use different calming oils while you relax on the couch and soothe away all the tension that has built up in your body. You can also enjoying a warm bath to help soak away any aches or tight muscle pains. You can do a relaxation technique or some kind of meditation while listening to peaceful music.

  1. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Irritable bowel syndrome has a lot to do with your food intake. If you are suffering from flatulence, avoid eating specific foods such as spices, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, or baked beans. Eat 3 small regular meals every day and include light snacks in between. This will help your body get the right nutrients that it needs. Eat a lot of fibre-rich foods because this will help regulate your bowel movements. Make sure you are eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables daily which will supply the body with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre. A daily acidophilus supplement first thing in the morning will supply your system with plenty of good bacteria that is needed with digestive complaints like I.B.S.

To guarantee that you are eating the right kinds of food in treating IBS, consult or seek advice from a nutritionist. In addition, drink the daily recommended intake of water which is six to eight glasses. Beverages such as tea, sodas, coffee, and fruit juices are not enough to fill the fluid needs of your body so if possible, increase your water intake.

  1. Use natural laxatives.

Use natural laxatives like psyllium husks which you can purchase from health stores. Put the loose husks, 1-2 teaspoons heaped into a glass of water and stir up, drink straight away, before it gels and thickens. Do this twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal. If you dislike the taste you can use diluted fruit juice. You may find another glass of water afterwards is sometimes needed. The water and psyllium husks travel through the body and remove any waste or any blockages that can have built up. This is why sometimes an extra glass of water is needed to obtain a good flush through. Listen to your body and normally after 12 weeks of use you can reduce the dose by half the amount ½ -1 teaspoons heaped, before 2 meals.

Every condition is different because our bodies and lifestyles differ. So before taking any form of laxative, be sure to let your doctor know.

Also people find prunes, figs or liquorice eaten daily a perfect solution for them. It takes a little bit of trial and error to find out what is right for you, but once you listen to your body and change your diet to a more healthier one, your system will settle down and function regularly and without any discomfit.

Margaret Le Monnier has over 20 years-experience as a qualified natural health professional in the UK. She is now writing articles for a website solely devoted to bringing a comprehensive range of natural health advice to everyone. To find out more about Irritable Bowel Syndrome visit our website at Natural Health 4 Life

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