Can There Be a Pop Music Prodigy?

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  • Author Dayve Carter
  • Published June 13, 2012
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It is interesting to ponder how much technology has changed the nature and definition of what is a prodigy. Traditionally, child prodigies are identified in two main areas, music and math. Math genius is still math genius, and technology has not changed this much, but music has changed greatly. It is still easy to identify a prodigy in classic music such a piano playing and the violin, but what about pop music. Music made with synthesizers and other modern technological aids. To answer this question, we interviewed some traditional classical music experts, but also experts at music production schools.

Unsurprisingly, the classical music gurus took a rather pessimistic view of the idea of pop music prodigies. One indignant Emeritus sarcastically suggested that we bring Mozart back to life so he could produce an album with Eminem. We asked the Emeritus to name one rapper who might be a prodigy. He almost snickered as he said that rap isn't music, and that few rappers are even musicians.

Those at music production schools had a more inclusive view which considered synthesizers and electronic beats instruments as surely as a violin. Classical music aficionados laughed at this notion, pointing out that there is a timelessness to the violin and piano and other classical instruments. Over a multi thousand year window, synthesizers and other fads may come and go, but the classical instruments will remain.

One staunch critic of the notion of rap "music" had us try to envision some concert in 400 years at which Eminem is played. The wealthiest and most educated members of the societal elite will assemble, and the greatest musicians of the age will play Eminem's guttural beats with violins, cellos, oboes, and flutes. One of the civilizations greatest singers will clear there throat and then sing, Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside. . .

Members of the elite assembled in the audience would offer dainty claps. Bravo, Sir. Bravo indeed my good man. I do say, well done. Indubitably. During the intermission, before they return to hear a 60 piece orchestra play "Fuck the Police," a song by that renowned band of prodigies "Nigger With Attitudes," the elite will surely consult academics also present. The prodigy Eminem is so brilliant that his lyrics defy comprehension. Whatever did he mean by two trailer park girls go round the outside? Historians who are honest will admit that extant historical records provide no answer, and the meaning of the lyrics is yet another one of those unsolvable mysteries of ancient history.

The future civilization might ask themselves how depraved a culture must be to consider such lowbrow music entertainment. A historian in attendance expounds. All late stage empires decay morally as they decline and collapse. This happened to the Roman Empire before it faded into oblivion, and the American Empire before it went the same route. Romans gorged and vomited at massive orgies, Americans feasted on fast food and stapled their stomachs and revered Eminems and Niggers with Attitudes.

That's the insight offered by experts at universities and music productions schools. Take it for what it's worth. In the final analysis, only time can provide conclusive answers.

I'm a sound engineer with a passion for writing about the best music recording colleges.

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