What You Should Know Before Applying For K1 Visa

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  • Published June 26, 2012
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The Immigration Visa departments of US embassies and consulates worldwide process the K1 visa. Those who hold this are apt to enjoy various immigrant benefits. It is a dual intent visa that is issued to a fiancé, that is, a person who is marrying a United States citizen and by law, that person is supposed to marry the US petitioner within 90 days and if not, then he/she must leave the US within 30 days. Sometimes, the visa application could be denied but usually, most people are granted the visa. It is therefore very wise to be ready beforehand, to know all that the visa application entails so that when one goes for the interview, they will be ready.

Though the application of the K1 Visa is not exactly what one would call a rigorous process, it is all the same very important that one knows what will be needed such that they can have all the paperwork ready. Usually, the petitioner, that is, the US citizen starts the whole process by petitioning the fiancé to move to the USA to marry him/her. Though there is no need for an attorney to do this, you may hire one if you want to help you go through all the paperwork. The petitioner fills form I-129F with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which then sends that petition to the National Visa center. After reviewing the K1 visa application, the National Visa Center forwards the petition to the consulate or embassy in the country of the fiance so that he/she can be notified of the petition. The embassy or the consulate also provides the fiance with information about how and when he/she can go to the US embassy for a visa interview and medical test.

While it is almost automatic that the finance s should be given the K1 visa immediately, it is not so. Many people think that this is a simple one–off process but it is not and in fact, you had better be fully prepared before you can go for it. For starters, you must have enough proof that there has been a relationship and you should know that in case of any anomaly in the information that you give, the visa application might be revoked. That is why it is important that you get everything right. If dealing with government officials daunts you, then you need to be very well prepared for the interview.

Be warned in advance that there is a mountain of paperwork involved in the K1 visa application and you had better get everything right. May be you need to get some important guidelines if you want to succeed and then after everything is done, you must be patient and wait for the visa application to go through or to be denied. The final answer rests with the USCIS and they cannot be hurried. Believe it or not, you need all the guidance that you can get but most important, do not be daunted because you will make it if you were properly coached.

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