Your 3-way Guide to Install Cheap Solar Panels

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  • Published May 9, 2012
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The high initial cost of installing Solar Panels is the only reason that puts people on the back foot when they think of switching to free solar energy. However, there are ways to install cheap PV panels as well.

There is no other energy source that can bring you as many monetary and green savings as installing solar energy in your home can. High initial cost of setting up the Solar Panels is the only main reason that holds back people from harnessing this unlimited source of free and clean energy. Today, photovoltaic (PV) panels are available in every country and region and if you have some experience in handling minor mechanical and electrical projects, you can carry out the installation yourself. This can take away the high cost of labor out of the picture and save you some money.

Ways to Install Cheap Solar Panels

  1. Search for government rebates in your area, offered for switching to solar power. Both federal and local governments could be offering some type of rebate programs to reimburse 30% to 40% of the cost of installation.

  2. Buying refurbished Solar Panels having no wear and tear can also save you lots of money. If the PV panels require some repair, it wouldn’t be much compared to buying an entirely new system.

  3. Installing the panels yourself can also bring down the cost of installation. The professional charges can be very high as solar PV systems are new technologies in the market.

a. This would involve preparing the right area on your roof where maximum sunlight is received without any hindrance.

b. Fix the roof rafters’ position with the help of a stud finder because the panels would be secured to these rafters.

c. You would have to drill holes in the rafters using an electric drill.

d. The mounts are then to be placed properly and be secured using stainless steel lag bolts into the drilled holes on the rafters and holes in the mounts. These lag bolts would ensure that the mounts remain strong in place.

e. The lag bolts would be available with the Solar Panels, but if not then you can buy the bolts of size 3/8 inches.

f. Eventually, fix the panels on the rails with the help of roofing nails.


Once you have installed the Solar Panels, you would have to run a conduit between the panels and the inverter. The job of the inverter is to convert Direct Current (DC) generated by the PV panels into useful Alternating Current (AC) required for running household appliances. And, then the inverter is to be connected to the grid.

Learn more specific methods of what all the equipments you would require and what you need to do in order to set up cheap Solar Panels in your home. Visit this link and you can find lots of helpful information.

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