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Enjoy all your favourite UK TV in Deutschland

As Europe’s biggest economy, Germany offers great opportunities for many people to make a success in life and work with an economy that is still strong, backed by solid manufacturing and service sectors.

Many British citizens move abroad to Germany each year. Some by choice to try a new life abroad, others due to demands of a high profile job and some are deployed as servicemen and women.

In each case, there is a huge cultural gap to bridge as Germany is very much a sovereign state that is proud of it’s own pastimes, language and idiosyncrasies. German television in particular is geared towards a very specific taste and many Brits find it greatly frustrating that many shows that were originally aired in UK and US English have been dubbed for the local audience. Naturally, it’s not long until a British ex-pat starts to get frustrated with the entertainment on offer.

Buying a UK Sky Viewing Card in Germany is easy

Fortunately for anyone living in Germany, UK based satellite TV is not to far away. As the Astra 2D footprint covers the entire country of Germany, anyone who wants to watch UK TV in Germany can do so by simply erecting a standard satellite dish and receiver.

You have two choices of UK entertainment to choose from. You could either opt for the cost-effective and simple choice of viewing UK Freesat in Germany or you could decide to get the biggest and boldest package by opting to watch UK Sky TV in Germany.

Now you may ask, how on earth can you watch UK Sky TV in Germany if you do not live in the UK? It is common knowledge that you need a UK postal address to set up any Sky subscription so surely; this must be a stumbling block? Not anymore.

UK & Irish Sky cards are available overseas

There is now a number of reputable Sky card suppliers based in the UK who can set up a genuine Sky account and have your card shipped directly to you, wherever you live in Europe. So if you are in Germany for example, and have had enough of the local entertainment, watching UK Sky is just a matter of picking up the telephone or going online to order your fully-activated and 100% genuine Sky TV card.

Of these suppliers, a firm based in the north of England called Sky Cards has built a really great reputation for price and customer service. What is most impressive about them is that they have many Sky cards already in stock and can ship one to you next day via expedited courier. So you won’t be waiting several days or weeks to get your card. Chances are, it will arrive very promptly so make sure your satellite equipment is all ready and set up for it’s arrival.

Create a UK TV package to suit your tastes!

Best of all about Sky Cards is that they can tailor your subscription package to suit your needs. As they supply Irish sky cards as well as UK Sky cards, they can bolt on channels such as Setanta Sports and Italian Serie A Football or ESPN, Chelsea TV or MUTV.

What’s really convenient about using them is all of their Sky cards are fully activated so there’s no need to call Sky’s head office to connect your card. The team at Sky Cards can also supply all the latest hardware including satellite receivers, dishes, LNBs, remotes and cables so they really are a one-stop shop for all your UK satellite TV needs.

So if you are based in Germany and you’re getting a little fed up with the local television offering, get in touch with Sky Cards at the details below or check out some of the great packages they have at their website/

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